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MarketThoughts LLC is the investment advisor to the hedge fund Independence Partners, LP. is a service provided by MarketThoughts LLC. The mission of MarketThoughts LLC is to provide the highest level of performance, service, integrity and education to our readers. This involves providing insights into the factors that will affect the stock market and individual stocks - helping our readers to maximize returns in favorable investment climates and protecting assets in unfavorable climates.

In January 2000, the founder, Henry To, CFA of MarketThoughts LLC alerted his friends and associates about the huge risks created by the historic speculative environment in both the domestic and the international stock markets. Through a series of correspondence and e-mails during January to early April 2000, he discussed his reasons and the implications of this historic mania, and suggested that the best solution was to sell all the technology stocks in one's portfolio. He also alerted his friends and associates about the possible ending of the bear market in gold later in 2000, and suggested that it was the best time to accumulate gold mining stocks with both the Philadelphia Gold and Silver Mining Index and the American Exchange Gold Bugs Index at a value of 40 (today, the value of those indices are at approximately 110 and 240, respectively).

As we move forward into the 21st century, the pace of change and the availability of economic opportunities will not only be plentiful, but will actually accelerate. The role of modern globalization and the proliferation of the internet as an individual empowerment tool will give rise to a new “knowledge worker age” – promising to transform whole industries (as well as the financial services industry) and the way we work and play going forward. Here at MarketThoughts, we will also keep our readers up-to-date regarding such life-changing trends, as well as the effects these trends will have on the financial markets and your investments. Recent articles include our “three important questions” article (which discusses the aging demographics in the developed world as well as our current energy infrastructure) as well as our 2005 beginning-of-year three-part articles on China, which is available in our archives.

I hope you will be able to join us as we continue to learn along the way. The ride here will be very exciting, indeed.


Henry To, CFA

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