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Our commentary section forms the basis of most of our communications with our readers regarding the stock and financial markets. We publish a twice-a-week commentary on the stock market, individual sectors, or individual issues designed to educate or provide our readers with original investing ideas or where the market may be heading for the foreseeable future.

Market Commentary

This commentary is published every Sunday evening. Our topic of interest is usually the interpretation of the intermediate and long-term trend of the broad market along with topics of current financial interest - such as the issues of high energy prices, globalization, or important political developments. We invoke both fundamental and technical analysis (plus a lot of history) in order to interpret the language of the markets in a very easy-to-understand format for our readers - including the use of very simple charts and logical explanations. Our goal is to both inform and educate - there is really no secret to success in investing in the stock market - readers who are genuinely interested in making money from investing in stocks or index funds should find our weekly market commentary very helpful.

Individual Stocks

Our individual stocks commentary is published every Wednesday evening and is dedicated to both the fundamental and technical analysis of individual issues that may be of interest to our readers. This may include potential long or short positions but may also represent an idea that may be of interest sometime in the future. These issues are usually intermediate-term or long-term ideas - we do not advocate day-trading here at and neither do we recommend it. Readers should keep in mind that this should not be construed as specific investment advice - readers are greatly encouraged to do their own independent research before they actually invest or speculate in individual stocks.

Commentary from Legend Capital (in Hong Kong)

Legend Capital is a licensed corporation with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (“SFC”) since 1997. It is authorized to offer services in investment advisory, corporate finance and asset management. Legend Capitals has been focusing on providing financial advisory services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong and China.

Ms. Sophia Yan is the deputy general manager of Legend Capital. She has graciously allowed me to extensively use material from her column “The Freedom of Investing” (a bi weekly column featured in a financial publication distributed in China) on this website. Going forward, we will directly translate a significant number of columns from her bi-weekly column with the purpose of informing our readers on the investment climate and investment ideas in China. Ms. Yan has around twenty years of experience in investment analysis and advisory, investment management and fund raising in the capital markets. Ms. Yan is currently an investment advisor licensed with the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong and a member of Hong Kong Securities Institute. She graduated with a MBA degree in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a bachelor degree of social sciences in the University of Hong Kong.


Our charts section is updated every Tuesday and Thursday evening and contains charts which we think are very important in aiding our readers in their independent analyses of the stock market. There are only two charts in this section so far - but we will continue to add more current (and historical) charts to this section as we receive more feedback from our subscribers and readers.


Our archives contain articles dating back to the last few issues all the way back to January 2002 - when our site was first founded. Readers who are interested can keep track of our progress and our track record by reading our past commentaries.

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