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Dow Theory

Although the Dow Theory has withstood the test of time and has been most efficient in timing the market over the last one hundred years, it remains one of the most misquoted and misinterpreted market-timing methodology to this day. The Dow Theory is actually based on a series of stock market writings written by Charles Dow (founder of the Wall Street Journal) at the turn of the century, with a major emphasis on valuations and the primary trend. After Dow passed away, William Hamilton (Dow's understudy) continued Dow's writings. The Dow Theory, as interpreted by William Hamilton, forms the basis of all technical analysis today. Other notable mentions who wrote about the Dow Theory were Robert Rhea, E. George Schaefer, and Richard Russell - the last living great Dow Theorist.

Special Reports

The “Special Reports” on this page contain some of my writings over the last few years that I feel are truly timeless, educational and beneficial for my readers. I believe that they serve a useful purpose - as a constant reminder of how treacherous the investing and financial world can be and what the important issues we or our children will be facing in the foreseeable future. The number of “Special Reports” on this page will continue to increase as we continue to update and expand our website going forward.

Favorite Books

In my time as a trader/speculator/investor, I have come across many books and publications about Wall Street and the stock market – some useful but most not. It is interesting to note that more money has been on Wall Street authoring books, writing newsletters, and giving seminars than actually made on speculation itself.

Stock Market Indicators

This page is designed as a tool to help my readers understand the various stock market indicators or jargon that I commonly use in my writing – but at the same time, it also serves to remind me the significance of each indicator given certain fundamental and technical situations in the stock market.


From time to time, we will speak with individuals who have succeeded in the world of investing - whether they are skilled at managing money, predicting and interpreting economic trends, or have been successful in building a world-class company. The desire to start a series of interviews with successful individuals both in the business and in the investing arena reflects our beliefs that staying ahead of the curve and taking in different opinions is the key to success.

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