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Special Reports

The “Special Reports” on this page contain some of my writings over the last few years that I feel are truly timeless, educational and beneficial for my readers. I believe that they serve a useful purpose - as a constant reminder of how treacherous the investing and financial world can be and what the important issues we or our children will be facing in the foreseeable future. The number of “Special Reports” on this page will continue to increase as we continue to update and expand our website going forward.

Every Generation has its Crash
~ 02/14/2000 , First E-mail
The Blowoff Phase
~ 03/05/2000 , Five Days Before the NASDAQ Top
The Perfect Crash Scenario
~ 04/02/2000 , Two Days Prior to the 15% Intraday Crash in the NASDAQ
The Rally Ends Here
~ 05/17/2001 , Two Trading Days Prior to the Top of the Six-Week Bear Market Rally
Countdown to Armageddon
~ 09/03/2001 , Six Trading Days Prior to the Events of September 11th and one of the greatest one-week declines in Stock Market History
The Dow Theory as Interpreted by Richard Russell
~ 06/22/2002
Upside Resistance Will Be Breached
~ 03/13/2003 , Two Days After the End of the Three-year Old Cyclical Bear Market
Three Important Questions
~ 08/29/2004 , Economic Survival in the 21st Century - the Three Key Questions to ask
Jesse Livermore
~ 04/07/2005 , On Jesse Livermore And His Legacy


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