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Stocks Watch List - ALDA, ALDN, CADA

(June 28, 2004)

Please read our terms and conditions before reading the following information.  Be sure to utilize a hard stop in each trade that you make!

A designer and maker of graphite golf shafts.  Started tumbling earlier this month when Callaway (ELY), a designer of golf balls and golf clubs issued an earnings warning - presumably because they missed the recent trend of big-head clubs and oversized golf balls.  Fundamentally, this should not have a significant effect on ALDA, but the stock started tumbling anyway - probably because of the fact that ALDA was such a huge momentum stock.  Following is a weekly chart of ALDA:

The 40-week moving average and the weekly uptrend line provides good support for Aldila, Inc.

The 40-week moving average and the weekly uptrend line should provide good support.  So should the 20 EMA of the relative strength line.  My guess is that ALDA is probably close to a good bottom here, as ELY has actually stabilized over the last few days as well.  Adventurous traders can probably buy here and put a stop at $9.50 or so - just $0.19 below its most recent intraday high.

Former momentum stock started tumbling once the prices crossed below its 50 DMA on Friday, June 18th.  Weekly uptrend line shown on the following chart should provide good support.  Again, adventurous traders can probably buy here and place a stop at $17, which is $0.15 below its recent intraday low.

Weekly uptrend line provides good support for Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Ltd.

Nice uptrend and strong fundamentals.  Unexpected weakness on Friday probably due to the temporary loss of momentum.  Uptrend still looks intact, however.

CAM Commerce Solutions, Inc. has nice uptrend and strong fundamentals

Again, adventurous traders can buy here and put a stop at $16.50, which is just below both the 50-day moving average and its recent intraday low at $16.55.

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