12 Money-Saving Ways to Make Your Home Ready for Fall

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Start prepping your home for fall as early as now and save money in the process. Here are some things you can do to get you started.

Exterior Preps


Repair cracks on asphalt, concrete, and other areas around your property.

As early as now, while it’s still mostly sunny and warm, get to work on those cracks on asphalt and concrete around your home. If you have a pool in your property, fix those cracks with a concrete pool deck sealer, too.

Clean gutters.

Most gutter cleaning happens in spring or fall. It’s a gunky job that nobody wants to do but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t get done. Cleaning your gutter prevents water blockages that lead to water seeping into your home. And you don’t want that.

Shut off your outdoor plumbing.

Your outdoor plumbing will burst if they are filled with water in temperatures that are below freezing. It’s best to turn them off and drain your sprinkler systems and outdoor faucets.

Prepare your compost pit.

If you still don’t have any compost pits or bins, it is recommended that you make one. The leaves collected throughout fall will prove to be very useful during spring and summer.

Clean your gardening tools and outdoor furniture.

While this can be done during fall, you can still give your lawn and patio furniture a good cleaning as well as your gardening tools so that the task isn’t as tedious by the time you start putting them away for the winter.

Start planting bulbs for spring flowers.

Depending on the weather in your region, choose an area in your yard where the sun shines the whole day and start planting bulbs in October when the soil cools down. Working on this as early as now will give you a really nice surprise come springtime.

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Interior Preps


Get your furnace prepped for winter duty.

Your furnace will be one of your best friends when the cold weather rolls in. Before you start using it on a daily basis, it is best if you inspect it and replace the furnace filters yourself or have a professional swing by to get the job done for you.

Start cleaning the chimney and fireplace.

For chimneys and fireplaces, you should have them cleaned out before fall ends. Check the flue and make sure that the doors and the shields are in good condition. Now is also a good time to stack up on firewood.

Contain the warm air inside and keep the cold air out.

Before the cold wind starts blowing, you need to check if the weatherstripping on your doors and windows are still okay. Replace them if needed. Inspect your doors and windows if re-caulking their casing is necessary.

Let the light in.

When the weather gets cooler, you would want to let as much warmth come in. Give your windows and blinds a good cleaning especially in areas that get plenty of sunlight. You may also choose to add lighting fixtures in the darker areas of your home. To help you save money on lighting, consider replacing your typical bulbs with energy-saver bulbs.

Create a dedicated mudroom.

A dedicated mudroom or area where you can leave your wet shoes and clothes can help keep your home clean and dry.

Check your smoke detectors and replace their batteries if needed.

Smoke and carbon dioxide detectors around your home also need to be inspected. While checking if the batteries are still working is adequate enough, it is recommended that you replace their batteries instead to keep them in good working condition throughout fall and winter.

Putting off home maintenance tasks for the next season can cost you a huge amount of money so it’s best to start working on these chores now to ensure that your home is ready for fall.

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