3 Ways to Prep the Kitchen for Home Staging

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Summer’s knocking on US doors—are you ready for a successful home staging? Around this time, many potential home buyers have more time to look around, check out houses, and give their offers.

One of the areas these buyers will check is the kitchen. It is the heart of the home for many Americans, so it needs to suit their taste and needs. This explains why it provides a good sale value of at least 6 percent. Depending on the remodel, however, it can soar to over 50 percent for an upscale upgrade.

Regardless of whether you have a huge budget for a kitchen renovation or can’t afford it, some basic rules can prep this part of the house quickly for home buyers:

1. Declutter

Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong to the kitchen, which may include chargers for mobile devices strewn about the counter, feeding bowls of your pets, and appliances that no longer work anymore.

Not only does decluttering make the space appear clean, but it also gives you more room to be creative and intentional in what you put in there. While you may need to remove the stuff in the pantry, you can always add some cookbooks on the counter for aesthetics.

You can also clear the cupboards for empty boxes and, in exchange, display your plates, cups, and mugs. Rearrange the kitchen using the triangle theory, where the kitchen sink, stove, and refrigerator form a triangle. This way, a person can move more seamlessly when doing kitchen tasks like cutting up the vegetables, cooking the food, storing leftover ingredients, or getting them from the fridge.

This layout also means that if you have an island, it needs to be either removed or moved farther from the triangle. Ideally, it needs to be at least 42 inches away from the cabinets and provide between 36 and 48 inches of space for easy foot traffic.

2. Keep Your Kitchen Smelling Fresh and Clean

Besides stains, nothing says a dirty kitchen than bad odor reeking from different areas, such as the stove, oven, refrigerator, bin, and yes, the sink. Deep cleaning should make it to one of your essential to-dos when prepping the space for home staging:

  • Check the cabinets for molds, mildew, and even excrements of insects like cockroaches.
  • Remove garbage regularly. If necessary, replace the bin.
  • Clean the walls, cabinets, sinks, and countertops to remove the stains. Spare some cash for a professional cleaner if the dirt and grime have been around for some time. These people are more equipped to do the job.
  • Consider hydro jetting, which helps unclog the drain for years’ worth of food, grease, and whatnots. The accumulation of these particles and the bacteria probably breeding down there can lead to a foul smell later on.
  • Add plants that may help absorb the remaining odor in the kitchen.

You may be tempted to use air fresheners and essential oils to mask the bad scent, but that may not be the best idea. This technique is unsustainable; not all home buyers would want to use these products, which doesn’t resolve the actual problem.

3. Give Your Kitchen a Budget-Friendly Makeover


If your kitchen feels dated, worn out, or straight out of a 1990s catalog, it’s time to breathe freshness into the space. The good news is some remodeling options do not have to break the bank, but when done right, they can increase the value of your kitchen and, thus, your property.

First, apply a new coat of paint. You can still stick with the classic white, use a nice coat to highlight the wood grains, or be bold enough to try these popular kitchen paint colors for 2021. If you can check the list, these are bright, distinct hues, making kitchens stand out.

The average cost of painting a kitchen, including the cabinets and shelves, can range between $450 and over $1,000, depending on the budget, quality, and complexity. If you have basic painting knowledge, you can make it cheaper and consider this job as a weekend DIY project.

Second, change the cabinet handles, knobs, and other faucet fixtures, particularly if they look old or plastic. Instead, opt for styles that match the theme of the kitchen. For example, if it is industrial, something made of silver or stainless steel makes great cabinet hardware.

Lastly, apply new grout. It can make your countertop look squeaky clean and professional.

You may feel as if you’re running out of time when staging a home, but it’s always a good idea to take your time, particularly designing and cleaning the kitchen. You have only a few minutes to impress your potential buyers.

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