Why Building a Dock with Your Friends Is a Fun, Nonconventional Way of Throwing a Bachelor Party


Bachelor parties, or buck parties in other parts of the world, are a time-honored tradition, but sometimes men forget that they don’t have to go out and party all the time. Here’s an out-of-the-box bachelor party idea for you: build a dock.

Some people might find the idea of sitting on a dock for hours on end boring, let alone build one. But there’s nothing that can compare to the feeling of creating something after a long day of work. You don’t need to overthink it. If someone doesn’t want to be too active, they can always just sit back and enjoy life from afar with a cold beer in hand! Building docks is also a cheap and time-efficient way to have a good time with friends.

What Is the Difference Between a Dock and a Pier?

First things first, you’ll want to know how a dock differs from a pier. A pier typically has beams that go out from side to side, whereas a dock will have them going straight down so you can walk on them. Also, piers are typically pretty old—think of the classic fishing pier.

Why You Should Do It

When you’re partying all night, the last thing on your mind is building a dock. After a while of heavy drinking, some men might even feel too hungover to work. But this will change once they see how much fun it is to build a dock and see their project through, especially one that will improve the value of your lakehouse. Now, if you decide to have your friends build a dock for your bachelor party, you’ll need to get some basic supplies first. It’s an easy and yet rewarding activity with only three required steps to be successful:

  1. Getting the Materials Together:  You can get all your materials together in one trip or over time. This is dependent on how many men are helping out. You’ll need to pick out a nice spot near or on the water. You can decide to either buy new wood for the dock, which is more expensive, or use recycled/reused material like old palettes (which will be free but less sturdy). Either way, you’ll need lots of wood and nails to build your new dock!
  2. Laying Down: Start by laying down the larger and stronger pieces of wood first. The length or size of your dock is up to you, but make sure there’s enough room for everyone to sit. Don’t forget to include a nice spot to walk around on. This will be important in case people get tired and need to stretch their legs.
  3. Nailing Down: Nail down all your planks using your hammer. Make sure they’re nice and tight so the dock won’t fall apart easily. Also, you can decide whether to add a floor or not. It’s up to you!

personal dock

What You Can Do After Building Your Dock

After everything is said and done, you can swim, fish, or even party on your new dock. Suppose your property is closer to more amenities. In that case, it makes sense to find a bachelor or bucks party boat hire service so that you can get a boat after building your dock and celebrate on the water. Bring out some beer and food if you want to go all out and share the experience with everyone. Everyone will be grateful that you let them relax as you talk about life and past experiences. This is a great way to cap off the day with friends instead of always going for the typical bachelor party idea.

What You Shouldn’t Do After Building Your Dock

After building your dock, make sure you don’t sit still for too long. If you do, you might forget all the activities and your pals will start to feel bored. You’ll need to make sure that they can go right ahead (with or without equipment) if someone wants to fish. And if someone wants to swim or use the boat, they can do it. Don’t make people sit still for too long.

What if No One Wants to Do Anything?

This is an excellent alternative bachelor party idea for anyone who doesn’t want to go out and party every night. They can sit back, relax, and watch everyone else be active without doing anything themselves. Their only job is to stay sober and enjoy the view (and maybe drink a beer or two). It’s a wonderful way for people to take it easy and not feel bad about it.

If you want to have a different kind of bachelor party, consider building a dock. This easy project will allow your friends to relax and be outside while working on something productive together. You can even get creative with the design by adding features like fish-cleaning stations or benches for people tired from being active all day long at other activities. But there’s also the option of taking it one step further and hiring boat rentals so that everyone has access to water adventures after construction is complete.

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