Career Balance: What Are Some Jobs That Pay Well?

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Right after people graduate from high school or college, the next thing that pops up in their minds is, “what now?” Naturally, a good percentage of these individuals who are straight out of college or high school start looking for work related to their course. However, this isn’t necessarily the case for most individuals. Studies have shown that 27% of college graduates are working in the same field they graduated from.

Most experts would say that when these individuals are not in the same field they studied in, they don’t find any fulfillment or “happiness” working in that position. These “contingent” workers are often expected to not last that long in a certain industry since it’s not related to their academic course.

But does this really mean that they are fulfilled by the job that they do? Does high pay directly translate to fulfillment? What are some of the most fulfilling and well-paid jobs that are available in the market? We’ll be answering some hard-hitting and important questions that most young adults have been pondering for the past few decades.

Fulfillment versus High Pay

For a lot of aspiring young adults who just got their high school diplomas or bachelor’s degree, getting a high-paying job is known for being one of their long-term goals. For the most part, having a high salary does help with personal needs and wants and will generally dictate your “success” in future endeavors, but it does not necessarily guarantee happiness.

Contrary to what most people say, fulfillment and happiness aren’t directly linked with having high pay. In a study, a household that’s reached a comfortable income of around $75,000 won’t necessarily mean that the owners will be happy. However, this is based on several key factors.

In reality, the concept of high pay is entirely based on personal standards and preferences. What might be considered “high” for an office worker might not be one that is considered high by an executive.

But even though there is a variety of work that does pay high, there’s a reason why it pays high: it takes a lot of skill, and it’s probably in-demand by the market. Even though fulfillment and high-pay don’t necessarily have any correlation, both can still go hand-in-hand. So what are some of the most high-paying but still fulfilling jobs in the market?

Commercial Pilot

Being a commercial pilot is known for being one of the highest-paid while also known for being a fulfilling role. You’ll be able to see the world while having supportive co-workers. But getting to the position of a commercial pilot also means that you’ll need to make necessary sacrifices as it is a major commitment.

Getting your own pilot’s license is easier said than done. Not only will you have to face fierce competition with other aspiring pilots and years of being away with friends and family, but you’ll also need to finance yourself for training. Fortunately, there are pilot training programs that can help you soar high with your dreams. These flight academies will do everything in their power to get you to a fulfilling life role that you’ve always been striving for.


Many professionals would drop what they’re doing just so that they can interact and work with kids. Pediatricians are known for having a high job satisfaction rating since they’re fulfilled because they are helping children. Although the pay is not that high compared to other job offers in the market, this path is still known for having a high satisfaction rate.

In most cases, pediatricians and other medical healthcare positions will work as volunteers for remote areas around the world. Most of these volunteers would report being happy and fulfilled with their roles, despite not earning much.

Educational Facilitator

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You don’t need to be a teacher to be an educational facilitator. In most cases, school administrators, such as principals, take a great deal of pride and joy in their work. Talking and having a good time with students while planning out activities with faculties, staff, and outlining lessons are just some of the things that can make this work one of the best in the business.

The bottom line? As much as the world does revolve around money, it’s not the be-all-end-all of happiness and fulfillment. Even though there might be high-paying jobs out there, it’s important to note that this does not necessarily translate to fulfillment or happiness. At the end of the day, personal experience, preference, and the general overview of your “purpose” in life will drive you to do more for your fellow man.

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