Cleaning: How You Should Do It Every Season

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The majority of people are in the Northern Hemisphere, making the seasons–spring, summer, fall, and winter—occur similar times for most people. They come in that order with varying climate conditions, light, temperature, and weather patterns yearly. The possibility of a season not occurring in a single year is slim to none.

In the Northern Hemisphere, where America is situated, spring begins every 1st of March, summer starts every 1st of June, fall or autumn begins every 1st of September, and winter commences every 1st of December. For the Southern Hemisphere countries, springtime is the fall season in the north. Summer is north’s wintertime and vice versa. In short, they are opposites.

The Northern Hemisphere’s scorching hot summer is the Southern Hemisphere’s cold winter.

Even if the two hemispheres’ seasons occur at different times, there is no difference in how the seasons affect the lives of people affected by the conditions. They feel the heat, the cold, and they have to adjust to the climate. The adjustment goes as far as home maintenance.

How do people maintain their homes every season?

As we all know, the seasons can have varying effects on our homes, and how we maintain it changes with every season. Here are cleaning traditions for every season:


Ever heard of spring cleaning? If yes, you have used it to call one of your thorough general home cleaning activities, including flipping your house upside down to make it spotless.

Spring cleaning became a tradition because of what the season symbolizes—new beginnings. Flowers bloom, trees grow back their leafy jackets, and people wear fewer layers. Spring cleaning became the household way of making way for a fresh start. Because is there a better way to welcome changes other than having a clean home?

Cleaning during spring involves many dusting places you typically do not dust, cleaning windows, changing curtains, changing alarm batteries, rotating mattresses, reorganizing cluttered garages, etc. To cut the process short, you try to make everything feel and look new.


What comes after the hopeful spring season is the fun-filled summer. However, for some countries, the season is mainly sweat and scorching hot outdoors. If you experience a mix of the two, you should probably look into maintaining your home’s smell.

You and the people you live with may be releasing more sweat than usual, leading to body odor that can accumulate and make the house smell less than ideal. The heat and humidity are also perfect ingredients for the growth of bacteria that can release a foul smell. A good way to prevent this is sprinkling baking soda in the zones where you know bacteria can accumulate.

Dusting your windows is also a good way to enjoy the brightness of summer days. Frequent dusting can also help you avoid allergies that can ruin the summer fun for you.


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In all its fuzzy glory, the beloved fall season comes with its warm vibe that gives people the excitement ingrained in them along with their childhood memories. But the fall season is not all that perfect—it can have you stuck at home with the flu. That is because the fall season is also flu season. Does that take away our love for this season? It does not.

The seasonal home maintenance requirements that come along with it does. During the fall, you would want your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in prime working condition so you can rely on them to give you adequate heating as temperatures go low.

You would also want to invest in quality equipment to help you pick up infinite numbers of fallen leaves that can ruin your front lawn’s landscape.


With your HVAC system ready to keep you warm during the coldest part of the year, you are ready for the snow—that is, if it snows where you live—and the holidays. But as the whites outside pile up and block your driveway, you would want to opt for ice-plowing services.

If you have a chimney, you should also give it extra attention because it will be one of your best bets during winter—especially if you encounter unexpected issues with your heating system.

With a basic grip on maintaining your home during every season, you are now ready for the upcoming winter and its festivities. Your home should not be something that prevents you from enjoying each season. Instead, it should be where you can enjoy the seasons.

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