Common Household Problems: In This Pandemic, Are They Emergency or Not?

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Here’s the reality: with the coronavirus pandemic still in the midst, many home projects should take a backseat until it’s safe – except for some problems that may need immediate repair.

To help you decide, here are some common home issues with a note whether it’s an emergency or not:

1. Leaks (Can Be Emergency)

Should you call a plumber immediately when you have a leak? It depends on many factors.

  • How severe is it?
  • Where is it coming from?
  • Are you starting to see mold and mildew in the home?
  • Does the house smell musty?

If you’re talking about busted pipes in the bathroom, causing the water to flood, then it is an emergency. However, if the leak is a drip, you can still prevent it from worsening by using a sealant. It can temporarily stop the problem for at least a few weeks. This supply is easy to apply, especially if you’re already familiar with caulking.

2. Broken Roof Tile (Can Be Emergency)

Many homes in Australia, especially in Melbourne, sport tiled roofs. They are aesthetically pleasing and durable – they can last for decades! The problem is, they can also become loose or get broken.

This problem is an emergency when tiles start falling from the roof. It may indicate that many of them are already loose, and they can endanger people’s lives passing by the house. They can also potentially damage the gutter and the wall.

It is also an emergency when these broken roof tiles lead to a water leak. Sadly, Melbourne gets a lot of rain each year. When you can already see the problem yourself, you better call for tile roof repair.

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3. Peeling Paint (Not an Emergency)

Paints peel for many reasons. Usually, if the problem is the interior paint, it’s due to moisture seeping through the walls or uneven surfaces. You may also be using the wrong kind of paint. For example, for exterior walls, you need oil-based or exterior latex.

The good news is peeling paint is usually not a cause of concern. It can only make your home less visually pleasing, but hopefully, you can live with that. You can wait until it’s safer to have a professional over. If you’re diligent, you can do it yourself.

4. Drafty Room (Not an Emergency)

Do you have that one room that feels colder than others? Then, you may have draft issues. A draft can potentially increase your utility bills and worsen the effects of winter in the home.

Thankfully, it doesn’t need a professional right away. You can do the following steps instead:

  • Determine where the draft air is coming from. Usually, it enters the home through gaps, such as those in windows, doors, cracks on the walls, and even light fixtures.
  • If the problem is in the doors and windows, you can weatherstrip. Meanwhile, a mesh joint tape can cover wall cracks.
  • Re-caulk the doors and windows.

However, if the draft is due to issues with the air ducts, you need to schedule an appointment with an HVAC specialist as soon as you can.

All household problems need a professional even if it’s something as simple as a drafty room. By doing this, you can prevent the issue from becoming more severe, costing you even more money. However, in this pandemic, some of them can wait until it’s more comfortable to have other people over.

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