How You Can Create a Stunning Garage in Easy Steps

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Let’s say you’ve bought the car of your dreams, a Bugatti Veyron, and want to store it inside your house garage. Well, if you own a supercar, you might as well give your garage a timely makeover. That would be timely. Of course, space is added consideration. But if you can afford a Bugatti, then getting a super garage shouldn’t be a problem.

Take note that owning a supercar, a.k.a. exotic car, will cost you. For one, you will find that not only is the price tag of one sky-high, but also keeping one isn’t like keeping an ordinary car. No, sir. It’s why many supercars are branded high-maintenance cars.

Chances are you won’t be able to bring your brand new exotic car to your usual car mechanic for an oil change. You’d need a specialist. Such demand for extra attention is perhaps why many billionaires who can afford a dozen supercars drive run-of-the-mill cheap cars instead.

Fret not, however. If you’ve been gifted by the heavens above with an exotic car, below are 5 steps for you to give it a home within your precious abode. Plus, we’re giving you another way you can give it home without having to change your garage one bit.

Garage Remodel or Car Storage Facility?

Before we take on giving your garage a timely upgrade, know there are other options you can do to take care of your supercar. More often than not, owners of supercars own other cars or modest origins and with much lower price tags. So usually, space can certainly become an issue with another car addition.

A good option for you is to use a car storage facility. The immediate advantage here is you won’t need to touch your old garage a wee bit. You won’t even need to drive your exotic car to the location as the facility can cater to pickup and drop-off.

However, for best results, you can make the most of an enclosed car transport designed for exotic vehicles. By doing so, you not only give your pricey vehicle all the protection it needs along the road but also, most importantly, you ensure it arrives in perfect condition at the location.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have to contend with the cost of getting a car storage facility. And as you very well know, rentals are not your ideal tangible investment with long-term returns.

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Creating that Stunning Garage

The most obvious problem with adding a supercar into your garage is space. Chances are your garage which used to house your old car, will not have enough floor area to house a new addition. To add to the confusion, a garage size expansion can be messy. For one, you might need to deal with zoning laws.

The solution? Install car lifts. By doing so, you expand your garage’s storage capacity without having to add more floor space. Usually, the ceiling space is not used, so things should go on just fine.

It’s most convenient. By adding a lift, you double the parking space in your garage in no time. Thus, if you had a 2-car garage, it now can easily become a 4-car garage just like that.

If you want to expand, you can fit six vehicles in just 1,120 square feet. That way, you get added storage in a flick of a finger.

What makes car lifts ideal? It’s simple. While your supercar is a powerhouse wonder reaching 200 to 300 mph in no time, it will eat fuel in mind-boggling amounts. So using it every day might not be a logical conclusion. Car lifts provide a way for your supercar to be stored properly, ready for the time when you want to show them off, albeit sparingly.

Plus, you really put on a show when you’re using a car lift. Indeed, a little elevation is jaw-dropping, especially if you have a Bugatti Veyron or a Porsche Cayenne lodged in the lift. As they say, if you have it, flaunt it.

And Then Some

Then, why treat the garage as a garage. Treat it as you would your living room. You can upgrade the aesthetics to make it at par with the best space in the house.

To do that, upgrade the lighting. Nix the old-school incandescent bulb and put in the picture pot lights, for instance. Indeed, there’s a whole set of lighting options you can use to put your luxury car in the best possible light imaginable.

Also, let go of those drab-looking paint jobs. Favor white and lighter shades of paint to provide the best accents for your exotic collection. That can give you a more zen-like experience, relaxing your mind after a hard day’s work.

Then, keep your garage as organized as possible. You can do this by maximizing storage space. Simply put, you’d be compromising your luxurious garage if it looks untidy.

And last but not least, secure your garage. Take note that as expensive as your sports car is, it is one tantalizing target for thieves.

To start, make sure your garage is not inviting unfriendly eyes; limit its visibility to the outside world. Best of all, put in place the most dependable alarm system you can find, which should be a smart system.

It’s a tall order, no doubt.  But it’s all worth it, knowing you’re housing prized possessions most people only dream of.

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