What to Include When Designing a Healing Room for a Sick Loved One

sick loved one

Our home is a personal expression of our lifestyle, personality, and preference. We invest in furniture pieces and decorations to make it a safe living space where we can relax after a long, tiring day.

But for our loved ones who are aging or chronically ill, a home is more than just a dwelling place. Some hire a home health aide to improve their quality of life while stuck at home. In this article, we’ll discuss ways to help our sick and aging loved ones decorate their houses and make them a healing sanctuary.

Throw blankets and accessible storage for linen

Blankets are a great way to start. If you’re chronically ill or bedridden for a certain amount of time, you probably have at least a few of them in your bedroom. In chilly climates, blankets provide extra warmth for patients who have a low tolerance for cold weather. But aside from warmth, an ideal blanket should also provide pleasure and comfort, especially for those feeling under the weather.

Chronically ill patients often spend more time wrapped in blankets while lying in bed the whole day. They’re also a source of comfort for kids, thus the phrase “security blanket.” Given the many benefits they provide, they should be delightful and cozy enough to use regardless of the weather and time of day.

If a sick loved one at home moves in and out of bed and leaves the blanket in a heap, they end up looking like a pile of mess that is simply difficult to fold or spread. When buying blankets, consider an ideal place to hide them to ensure they’re always crisp and well-pressed.

If you don’t have a decent container to hide the blankets, consider investing in a stylish organizer, such as lidded baskets and storage ottomans. If you don’t have enough room, you can roll them on the coach to keep them handy and neat.

sick loved one

Food tray

Some think that food trays are non-essential, particularly for those who have a desk or table near the bed. A food tray can turn into a functional decor. For patients who need to stay in bed all the time, trays make a suitable holder for necessities, such as a mug, tissue, book, and pills.

Trays come in various designs and styles, making them a must-have item for fans of home designing. You can choose from mirrored, silver pallets, and carved wooden trays. The most popular designs are made of wood since they’re very lightweight to carry, even if the top surface is filled with items.

If you’re creative enough to make your own tray, go for it! You can check the internet for design ideas on transforming an old furniture piece into a stylish tray. You can also paint it with quirky patterns to light up your loved one’s mood. For those caring for an older adult, consider building a DIY tiered pan tray for tablets and bottled medicines. Even those who hate leaving the bed on a weekend will also benefit from a handy tray.

Cheerful utensils

Don’t let your loved one’s diet restrictions prevent them from having a hearty meal. Encourage them to celebrate their meals with fun dinnerware. No need to purchase an entire set. You can buy at least two or three matching plates, saucers, and mugs, or you can visit a thrift store to score discounted deals.

If your loved one is taking meal supplements or drinking multiple medicines, make them fun by serving the pills on a fancy plate couple with a matching mug and a scented candle. Pill fatigue is common among seniors and chronically ill patients who get fed up with their medications. These little efforts can somehow ease those feelings and bring a smile to their faces.

A fancy centerpiece or floral arrangement

A centerpiece or a bunch of flowers can do more than just a decorative accent. Having something beautiful to look at benefits one’s mental health. After all, it’s much better to look at any piece of decor instead of letting yourself get distracted by the layer of dirt and dust accumulating on the windowsill or bookshelves.

A flower vase at the bedside or a centerpiece on the coffee table brings a sort of hope and beauty in a dark wasteland. They can always redirect their focus to a plant or decor to make themselves a little better.

There are still a lot of functional decors you can incorporate in a sick loved ones’ bedroom. You can buy or restore as long as your DIY skills permit. Whether they’re suffering from stress, trauma, or chronic illness, every person deals with some issues, but everyone can benefit from a relaxing and comforting space.

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