DIY? These Home Projects Need Professionals

DIY projects come with a certain kind of charm. The feeling of having finished a project on your own is empowering and fulfilling. The concept has become so appealing to many that it has turned into a billion-dollar industry.

In 2020 alone, Do-It-Yourself sales skyrocketed to almost 300 billion dollars for home centers, including lumberyards and hardware stores. According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, more than 60 percent of all home projects are DIY. The restrictions during lockdowns amid a pandemic has pushed this endeavor to even greater heights as people found themselves stuck at home. But there’s a catch to this concept: amateur work.

In reality, a lot of repairs, modification or building projects can’t be done by those who have no experience or license. You may have the tools for the job, but you may not have sufficient know-how. Even with guidance from Youtube DIY channels, you could still do more damage to a home project. The results of some DIY work may even lead to more costs when a professional has to correct a job. And then there are those home issues that may be dangerous for amateurs to work on.

What are some of the home projects you cannot do yourself?


Basic landscaping work, from mowing to removing weeds, are OK to do for the average homeowner. But a yard that boosts curbside appeal requires the artistry and experience of landscape artists. These professionals take years to gain expertise when it comes to designing the yard, healthy plant growth, irrigation, fertilization, xeriscaping, tree care, pest and weed control, and hardscaping.

Pro landscape artists not only ensure beauty for your lawn, but they also work to keep it healthy no matter the season.

Intensive Cleaning

Some intensive cleaning cannot be done alone. Although general cleaning can occur once in a while with most families, real deep and set dirt cannot be fully removed without professional help. Dryer vent cleaning, power washing, and home sanitation and disinfection can only be done with professional help. Cleaning most dirty areas require the proper protective gear that cannot be easily purchased anywhere. Home cleaners carry with them highly toxic substances and materials that can affect breathing and irritate sensitive parts of the body. Calling in professional help to clean will largely help in solving your deep cleaning problem.

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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning repairmen know what they’re doing and they have the license to prove it. There is no shame in hiring an air conditioning repairman when it comes to your heating and cooling needs. Managing the internal climate is so important when it comes to maintaining a cozy and comfortable home. There is no room for mistakes. Consulting YouTube and doing the repair yourself may cause more problems than it solves. Consulting air conditioning professionals is the correct course of action.


You’re thinking of adding a man shed or an atrium in the backyard. You’ve seen how it’s been done, step-by-step, in a hypnotic Youtube video. You’ve also read how-tos on the construction project. What may seem like a piece of cake could end up costing you more money and energy than you anticipate. With construction work, a professional is always the best option to a DIY approach.

For starters, you’ll likely need to get permits. This means submitting plans to the local authorities, which will tell officials that your construction work will be up to code. Your man shed or atrium may need electrical and plumbing work, both of which you’re probably not qualified to do. Electricians and plumbers have the license to perform jobs the local authorities will approve.

Some DIY projects are doable and may even be done well. But others require the skills, knowledge and credentials of professionals. So before you get eager about a repair, modification or construction, consider what that project will entail.

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