What Emerging Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Successful Brands


These unprecedented times made entrepreneurs rethink their business processes, reconsider their priorities, and change how they run and manage their brands. Staying compliant with the new laws, policies, and regulations made it difficult to cater to their customer’s needs. Even their supply and employee management was put to the test due to health and safety concerns.

Emerging entrepreneurs are struggling to find and retain clients and top talents. Finding funds to start and grow the business also becomes tricky. But still, many entrepreneurs managed to become successful in the middle of the crisis.

Whether you are already running a business or still contemplating what business to start, the following are business lessons we can learn from many successful brands that continue to thrive in the middle of the crisis.

Provide Timely Offers Backed up by Excellent Marketing

These days, more people are concerned about their health. It only comes naturally that health-related offers are the most popular during the pandemic, from skincare to at-home fitness. Consumers are looking for things that will boost their physical and mental health.

Finding timely business opportunities is crucial for business success. You may be providing the best offers in the market. But if there is no demand for it and you fail to provide your customers with undeniable value, you can end up wasting precious resources from sourcing materials to promoting the products.

Some entrepreneurs decided to invest in a fresh food franchise opportunity. Buying such a franchise offers them the best of both worlds. They get to enjoy a proven business model while providing considers with speedy and health-oriented menu options for today’s health-conscious consumers.

Entrepreneurs are also taking their business online. They know that more consumers are spending more time online. They are using the opportunity to boost their online presence, build brand awareness, and eventually increase their online conversions.

Good Communication Is a Must

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Poor communication leads to numerous complications. This can impact how you run the business, how consumers view your brand, and how your employees feel about the company. The pandemic proved to be a great example of how crucial good communication is in all aspects of your business.

Communicating new rules, keeping up with employee protocols, and letting clients know the changes happening within your organization can be tricky. But entrepreneurs can’t ignore these crucial steps. Improving your communication channels and being transparent helps build everyone’s trust in your business.

It pays to use the right communication tools, gain and use feedback, and empower your people during a crisis. Demonstrating empathy is another crucial task you need to take. It is about time that businesses humanize every conversation to build deeper and healthier connections with their customers.

Exercising Social Responsibility Should No Longer Be an Option

Consumers these days are concerned about the impacts businesses have on society and the world as a whole. They are after businesses that still haven’t changed their practices into greener and more sustainable ones. They want businesses to take charge and exercise corporate social responsibility in their own ways.

More consumers are demanding businesses to offer eco-friendly products and sustainable services. They want brands to reduce their impact on the environment. They also want businesses to support the environment and charitable causes.

But aside from the common ones, consumers want companies to stay compliant to new health and safety protocols. They want businesses to ensure they are doing their best to protect both employees and customers, even if it meant refusing service to those who don’t follow the protocols. After all, doing something in favor of everyone’s best interest is what social responsibility is all about.

Flexibility Is More Important Now More than Ever

Before, businesses have the option to stick to their normal policies. They can run their business using the same model they have been using for years now. But when the pandemic came, sticking to your business norm proved to be a difficult task.

For one, consumer needs and expectations dramatically changed. What used to be customers shopping strictly on brick-and-mortar stores turned to online shopping. Top talents are no longer willing to move cities or countries in exchange for work opportunities.

Even current employees are unwilling to go to work if their companies are not doing enough to ensure their health and safety. Making the right decisions comes with a price and a series of risks to take. If you don’t try to be more flexible, you will find it hard to stay competitive in the pandemic world.

Even the largest corporations had to make alterations in their business processes to keep their business afloat. Some allowed employees to work remotely. Others turned to drive-through services knowing their customers are more comfortable with lesser contact.

These are but four business lessons every entrepreneur can learn from successful ones during a crisis. Flexibility and good communication, along with timely offers and excellent marketing, are no longer simply nice-to-haves. The same goes for exercising your corporate social responsibility. The earlier you take these business lessons to heart, the easier it will be for you to thrive even in the middle of a crisis.

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