An Entrepreneurial Guide in Running a Resort Business


Building your own business can be intimidating, yet you can succeed if you have the motivation and passion. Choosing the kind of business you can manage depends on your desires. If you have friends and family members thinking of establishing a business, why not try building a resort with them?

According to research, consumers, particularly millennials, increasingly spend their excess money on luxuries and experiences rather than other goods. Entrepreneurs that concentrate on delivering an adventure instead of a product have a better chance of succeeding in the market.

Starting a Resort Business

The resort business is an excellent investment in the future. Although it will take a lot of money to start with, your family and friends can team up to pursue this opportunity. But what are the other things to consider in building it?

Site Location

First and foremost, you will decide which location you are willing to establish your resort. It can be beside the sea or minutes just outside the urban. It would be best if you also considered the topography and geography of the said location. Researching the history of the place is a must before finalizing where to build the resort. Looking to the future of the area is a good thing too. It can raise the value of the property itself. Asking the professionals about the location will help you in deciding.

Environmental Impact

You need to take into consideration the environmental impact of what you are building. Do you think that you can alter the balance in the ecosystem after creating it? The reason such as destroying the fertile soils around can extensively damage the natural resources. Analyze the future waste management of the resort, if it will become pollution to the neighboring place.

It would help if you tried to build your business to preserve nature as much as possible. It will not only benefit the environment but also will add to the natural aesthetics of the resort.



One of the most important things is what will be the look of the resort itself. It is the first impression that the guests will see. The building materials should also depend on what type of climate the country has. The materials should be sturdy enough to withstand any natural phenomenon. Take a look at the air ventilation; you must maximize the fresh air flowing through the resort.


Most of the resorts have an escapade vibe with relaxing feels. This theme is what others want when having a vacation. In combination with the beachfront and white sands, the resort will provide more options for relaxation. You can put many activities to keep your guests busy for their stay in the resort—one thing is to establish a track suitable for mini vehicles to let them feel the off-road experience. Just be sure to equip it with ATV tracking devices to allow accessibility in case of theft.

You can also build several pools for others that don’t want to swim in the sea. There should also be the availability of food choices around the resort. You can let others rent for food stalls, or you can franchise yourself. It should be hassle-free for the guests. The main objective is to let them rest for their stay and relax and enjoy the scenery.


One priority that the owners of the resort are the accessibility of the area itself. There should be easy transportation to the lodge to let the guests easily find the hotel. Making it accessible to many will attract a lot of guests to enjoy your business.

When people want a peaceful place to relax, they search for a getaway place with few people, which means the resort should have average accessibility to prevent crowded resorts. The number of guests can dictate the success or failure of the resort. Remember that the guests are there to have a relaxing feeling.

Having the resort built from scratch is a tedious job. It will consume a lot of money, and there are so many risks at hand. But, with enough support and dedication, you can build your dream resort.

The most challenging part is making a turnaround and return of investment. Often, it would take years of operations before getting your assets back. Not only that, but you should also think of the employees that you will be paying when the resort starts operating. Yes, it is a big responsibility, but little by little, if you put your heart and mind into it, you’re on your way toward reaching your goals.

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