Fantastic Features You Should Add to Your Custom House

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Building a new home is absolutely one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences for many individuals and families. This is such a perfect time to get really creative with the design and layout finishes and everything in between. And compared to buying a preowned or readily built home, a custom home gives you the freedom to put in as many unique features as possible.

Adding unique features into your custom home is not only for aesthetic or functional purposes. Many of these home features can also boost the property’s value in interesting ways, which can be rewarding if you’re looking to sell it in the future. If you are curious about what home features you can incorporate into your new living space, check our list.

Personalized built-ins

Built-in shelving is one of the staples in custom homes and still is a smart feature to add. Personalized built-in bookshelves, desks, and tables can keep your home stylishly organized and clean. Built-ins are also a smart idea to make use of any space that can be underutilized. You can also opt to build extra storage spaces on a staircase, as long as it’s not stacked.

If you’re looking to have a functional feature to suit your fashionable lifestyle, you can consider building a built-in vanity with ample storage cabinets and add a custom-made bench. Determine what rooms can use extra storage, and consult your chosen designer or builder for more custom options.

Outdoor living area

Creating outdoor living spaces is probably among the most exciting parts of house planning and building. On top of beautiful landscaping, there are tons of inspiring patios, decks, and porches you can consider. For example, you can create a Boho-chic patio made that features comfortable seating and a wood deck where you can have outdoor movie marathons. You can add a cozy hammock if got a tree in your backyard.

Or, you can go for a cozy outdoor dining area with gravel and pavers for a low-maintenance feature. You can add string lights to create a great ambiance and some vintage chairs for a more outdoorsy classic look. If you need a small outdoor area for relaxation, you can build a front porch swing and place some comfy fabric pillows in it. For better privacy and weather protection, you can install aluminum fence panels, living walls, outdoor curtains, or retractable backyard screens.

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Upstairs laundry room

An upstairs laundry room is an amazing trend to follow if you’re building a custom home with most bedrooms and living areas upstairs. It’s also beneficial to use your rooftop to hang your clothes and maximize your space downstairs. Having your laundry room upstairs can make it easier for you to haul those bulky sheets or clothing and eliminate the use of huge hampers. Plus, it’ll be closer to your dresser drawers and closets.

In building a proper upstairs laundry room, it’s best to install a water shut-off valve to avoid hose bursts that can lead to a flood. As to prevent your hose from bursting, a quality steel braided washer hose is a better buy as they are less likely to burst than standard ones. You can also get a drain pan to place your washing machine, which helps prevent an upstairs flood when your washer overflows.

Large mudroom

A standard coat closet is a thing of the past. Modern custom homeowners are now more interested in spacious mudrooms with more amazing features. Some basic features of separate mudrooms include overflow cabinetry, shoe storage, and coat hooks. Others even build additional storage spaces for cleaning necessities and hobby items or equipment.

Aside from storage and organization, a mudroom is also perfect for reducing the dirt and clutter you can bring into the home. In creating a large mudroom, be sure to leave room for floor mats. It’s best to opt for weatherproofed or rubberized mats that can be easily washed or rinsed off using a garden hose. You can also install personal cubbies for each member of the family. This is where you can keep your outwear like boots, gloves, hats, or coast. If you have more space, you can build high shelves or cabinets for other seasonal items.

Building a custom house is an excellent way to create a space that reflects your personal preferences, needs, and lifestyle. With this guide, we hope that we’ve made it easier for you to navigate which features are best for your future home living. To further ensure you’ll get your money’s worth, find a trustworthy architect or home designer to help you out.

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