Reinventing Spaces: Why Garages Have to Be Beautiful, Too

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When looking for a new home, people usually prefer a spacious garage. Having more space in a garage means more room for more cars, tools, and storage. But in a year or two, or just a couple of months, the garage can quickly turn into a big room full of junk. Suddenly it’s the graveyard of the things we’ve grown out of and unwanted stuff. As a result, the area will be incredibly disorganized, visually appalling, and just an overall stressful chore to get around.

Are you feeling guilty? You don’t have to be! At some point, everybody forgets to give their garages some tender loving care, and that’s alright. What is important is that you acknowledge the need to renew your ways and get the garage back into tip-top shape. It can be an arduous task, but there are numerous benefits to having a beautifully clean and organized garage.

So why should you?

Don’t you hate it when you need something from your garage, and you find yourself spending hours on end just looking for it? Have you ever entered your garage mindlessly and not notice that rag on the floor and slip on it?

A disorganized garage is not only hard to navigate, but it can also be quite dangerous. It wouldn’t be ideal for any homeowner to rummage through a pile of sharp tools or a stack of large boxes filled with who knows what. Those can lead to injuries and could even end up damaging your cars. Having piles of junk and boxes could invite pests and rodents to take refuge in your garage and go unnoticed, which will be an even bigger headache to have.

So let’s get to it! Let’s turn that garage into an organized, clean, beautiful, and fully utilized space in your home.

Plan early

Before you start cleaning your garage, it’s best to lay out what you want to do with the space. Are you planning to have a workshop in the garage? Or do you want to maximize it purely for storage? Possibly a bit of both? Or maybe you have an idea to transform the space into something completely new and unique?

Whatever the case may be, defining how you want your garage to function beforehand will make it easier for you to go about your cleaning and organizing. Having a plan to organize your garage helps give you a straightforward approach to how you’ll be tackling the task of making it beautiful and neat.

Does it spark joy?

Just like what the famous Marie Kondo asks her clients on her Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” ask yourself, does the junk in your garage spark joy? If not, then the next step should come as no surprise. It’s time to get rid of them.

Getting rid of things can be very difficult, even when those things don’t have a place in your everyday life anymore. Some of them may remind you of moments in your past that bring a smile to your face. But if they don’t serve a bigger purpose than a novelty, then it’s time to let it go. Start anew and make room for new memories, experiences, and a beautiful garage.

Just walls? No, more storage!

Once you’ve cleared out your garage of all the unnecessary junk and have it all cleaned and ready, it’s time to start organizing.

Often overlooked, walls are still very much usable space, especially for storage. A clever way to give your garage a new look is to incorporate garage cabinets and closets that either match or contrast the aesthetic of your home. Choose from different beautiful finishes and materials for your wall storage that could make your garage come to life. Compliment it with shelving or a pegboard with hooks for tools and more to give it that additional cool factor.

Cleaner and bigger

You’ll quickly realize after putting in all the work in organizing and beautifying your garage that it miraculously feels more spacious than it was before. Because now every element of your garage has a purpose and is placed intentionally. Everything now seems to be in order, easy to find, and accessible in specific storage cabinets.

The garage doesn’t feel suffocating anymore. There is a sense of space and function that it didn’t have previously. It is now more than just where you park your car or store your stuff. It is now a beautiful, clean and safe space that you can proudly show to the world. Have the confidence of knowing that you made sure it’s a safe and clean environment for anyone in your household.

You may not know it yet, but once you’re greeted with a beautiful garage at the end of the day as you park your car, you’ll find out fast that it was all worth it.

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