How a Plumbing Company Replaces a Sump Pump

The first thing that needs to be done is for the current to be turned off and not connected. Using the check valve will close the pump and keep it from running consistently. They will be able to safely remove the old sump pump at that time. Small hand tools are needed for the plumbing company to gently pull the valve apart and slowly disconnect the pump. If the pump they are replacing has a lid, then this is the time to remove the lid.

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Grabbing the pipe that’s in the pump, pull it straight up, and then sit the sump pump from the pit. The plumbing company will check for debris at this time and clean it out before they reconnect the new pump. A shop vac is a great way to pull out any excess groundwater that may be in the area and needs to be pulled out of there. Once the pit is dry, they will slowly add the new sump pump back down into the pit. The lid, if necessary, will be reapplied, and the check valve reconnected. This should be done slowly so that there’s little debris leaking across the area and making sure that all parts are screwed together tightly.


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