How to Find a Good Roommate For Your Apartment


Having a roommate has many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that you can split your rent and expenses in half when there’s someone sharing with you. At the same time, there’s someone to help you out with household chores and keep you company while you’re at home. Sometimes, your roommate can even be your new best friend.

However, there are also roommates who do more harm than good. If you want to avoid that type of roommate and find one that will be trustworthy and responsible, here are some tips for you:

1. Search among your inner circle

Looking for someone to share your one-bedroom apartment? Start with your close friends first. If they are not available, work through your next circle of friends, then your acquaintances, then your friends’ friends. You have better chances of finding someone you trust from people you already know. Moreover, having a friend as a roommate will make your home life much more enjoyable.

Even if none of the people you know can move in with you, they may know someone who is currently looking for a place, be it a co-worker or a family member. Having a link between you and the potential roommate is definitely much better than living with a complete stranger.

2. Post ads

There are many roommate finder websites available that were made to help people match up with potential roommates. Sites like Craiglist, Diggz, and RoomieMatch are good places to find a potential roommate. These sites make it easier for people to find roommates who can fit well into their lifestyle and habits (for example, they can match you up with a person who can cook or someone who doesn’t party).

As always when it comes to online safety, be wary about the people you interact with online. Keep an eye out for red flags and skip anything that looks scammy.


3. Conduct interviews the right way

Prepare questions that will give you insight into how a person is as a roommate. Then, conduct the first round of interviews with potential roommates, maybe in a coffee shop or a fast-food place. Don’t stop at the first interview though, even if someone seems like the perfect candidate. Conduct another round of interviews with the people you liked the most.

Here are some of the best questions to ask during your interview:

  • What are your cleaning habits?
  • What time do you usually go to bed?
  • Do you have any pets that you want to bring to the apartment?
  • How was your previous living situation?
  • Do you work from home? What time do you go to work and get off?
  • How frequently do you cook at home?
  • What’s your usual everyday routine like?

Feel free to add more questions to the list, but avoid overly intrusive questions. At the same time, be prepared to answer the questions that they may ask you.

As a final piece of advice, start looking for a roommate before your current one moves out (or before you move into the apartment). This way, you will have enough time to sift through applications and find someone who will meet your preferences.

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