How Your Office Cleanliness Makes You More Productive

Have you ever been to an artist’s studio? Rolls of canvas and bottles of paints are all over the room. Or, at least, that’s how it is for a majority of artists who maintain that this clutter makes them more creative. Of course, this kind of work setup doesn’t work for everyone. Some need to organize first before they can work on anything. But here’s the thing, studies suggest that disorganization is stressful and anxiety-inducing for people who need to make decisions in a business.

Regardless of your business’s size, you need to clear your mind before you make the important decisions that will shape future policies and regulations in the office. Should you prohibit office romance, for example? Should you mediate when two employees are arguing? These might seem trivial, but it will spell the difference between failure and success for your business.

How to Keep Your Office Organized at All Times

First thing’s first. Look for a janitorial staffing agency. Many entrepreneurs went on to grab janitorial franchise opportunities, so there’s surely one in your area. Talk to them about scheduling a service regularly. Whether it’s thrice a week or just every weekend, the important thing is to have the help you sorely need.

You can also start an office policy about keeping the space clean and organized. This is especially important when the world is grappling with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Simply putting up signages and reminders about cleaning and sanitizing the workplace will go a long way toward improving the workers’ productivity.

Reducing Workplace Absenteeism

The pandemic alone will open your eyes to the real state of workers. With the threat of Covid-19, offices and public transportation became the breeding ground of virus transmissions. Now more than ever, it is imperative that workers are safe and secure in the office. Social distancing is important, especially in a cramped office space. But more than that, it is also important to maintain the organization and cleanliness of the office.

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Increasing Motivation and Morale

How will you feel if your office space feels cramped, dilapidated, and dingy? Will you be encouraged to be productive when you can’t even see where your keyboard is? How about when mice are crisscrossing each other in the ceiling? You can even hear them running in the air vents as you type away on your computer. This is not the kind of work environment that will increase one’s motivation to become productive. A clean workspace is a morale booster for your employees.

Building Trust and Confidence

The first thing that clients and customers will notice about you is the office or store. It is not the products and services that you offer. Their opinions of these will only matter once they have used the items already. They will first form an impression of your business after they have visited your office. How do you expect them to sign a contract with your company while piles of paper are sitting on your desk and your office looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years?

Reducing Stress

When one employee is looking for a “lost” contract, that can create tension among your staff. Someone will comment about a particular employee not keeping track of his task, while another might claim that someone else borrowed the contract. Disorganization creates and breeds chaos, which then leads to misunderstandings. A well-organized office will eliminate these sources of stress.

It takes so much to boost your employees’ morale. It also takes a lot to push you every day to become a better employer and entrepreneur. By starting with a clean and organized office, you will be surprised how much you and your staff can accomplish.

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