Dear Insurance Agents, It’s Time to Go Social on Social Media

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Independent insurance agents are always looking for new ways to find, attract and retain clients. Fortunately, today’s marketing landscape is more straightforward — all thanks to the existence of digital marketing, particularly social media.

Digital marketing includes a variety of tools like SEO, paid ads and content marketing. Social media marketing is a great start for beginners, especially if you’re overwhelmed with the “technicalities” of the other marketing tools.

Social media can help you reach thousands of potential insurance customers. Whether you’re selling group insurance for multinational companies or VUL insurance plans for retail clients, you can use social media to engage and converse with potential and current clients where they are — social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn).

The best part about social media marketing is you can use this tool for minimal cost and effort. But like any marketing strategy, you have to properly use social media marketing to benefit from it. The trick is to avoid hard selling and focusing on the “social” aspect of social media.

Start By Connecting Meaningfully

Social media is more than just a platform for advertising your insurance policies. Clients expect your business to connect in a more personal way. But to build this relationship, insurance agents must produce content that informs and engages their audience.

Consider the following ways you can create personal connections with your clients:

  1. Introduce your team. Upload photos or post mini profiles of yourself and your agents on your social media profile. Your profiles should include information on your experience in the insurance industry, as well as the services you offer.
  2. Share your knowledge. Write LinkedIn posts that showcase your expertise in a specific niche and post them online. This social media and content marketing strategy builds trust with clients, as well as establishes you as an authoritative figure in the industry.
  3. Post relevant articles. Engage with potential clients by sharing articles and events that may pique their interests. Discuss topics like insurance how-to’s, money-saving tips, and small business advice.
  4. Showcase community involvement. Does your company donate to non-profit organizations or participate in community events? Social media is the best place to promote your company’s dedication to the local community.

 Use The Right Tools

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Many insurance agents reason that their busy schedules keep them from marketing on social media. Marketing, however, is crucial to growing your business and social media is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your services.

Also, there are many ways to simplify your social media management strategy. Consider one of the following methods to maximize your social media presence:

  • Buy ads on social media. Tap into the market via paid ads. Many social media platforms let you target your ideal customers. For example, Facebook advertisers help you choose your target market, format your ads and track your ad performance.
  • Use social media management software. If you don’t have the time to engage with people on social media, software like Buffer and Hootsuite can help. Both tools offer plans that allow you to schedule posts in advance.
  • Connect with influencers. A mention from popular influencers can boost your brand. Get in touch with relevant blogs, publications or social media influencers and engage with them.

Share Content on Social Media

If you are just starting with sharing and writing content on social media, start with a short and summarized piece of content. Keep things concise yet engaging. Also, add images that support your narrative. There are many tools that can help you add images. Canva is one of the simplest applications for this.

When writing content for your social media platforms, use the COPE template (create once, publish everywhere). This content technique is applicable to different social media platforms and is easily adaptable. Simply put, you create good content once and repurposed it accord to the requirements of different social media platforms.

You can write articles on a website or a blog and share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and your other social media platforms. When visitors click the link, they will be taken to your article.

When it comes to posting on your social media channels, choose content formats that you’re comfortable with. If you prefer writing blogs, go ahead. If you want something more engaging or if you’re comfortable being on camera, record short videos and share them with your followers. A budget video editing laptop can help you do this.

Social media is one of the easiest ways to direct more clients to your business. Invest in the right social media tools today and start attracting and retaining more clients!

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