Interesting Door Mechanisms We Have Enjoyed Through the Years

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One of the greatest inventions of the civilized world is the wheel. We often hear people say that it is hard to reinvent it, and the closest things that you have to that are the variations used for different surfaces. There is a range of options you can choose from, like soft tires for racing and studded ones for snowy and icy roads.

The door is another thing that you can say is hard to reinvent, but it too has its share of options. You can opt to get the basic ones or the more complex implementations like high-speed roll-up doors. There have been mechanisms that we have enjoyed using throughout the years that add spice to what is basically a simple machine made for security purposes.

Revolving Door


You may remember playing with revolving doors in buildings or luxurious hotels. The first time you see it, it was quite out of the ordinary. This shattered your thoughts of what a door could be. You normally think of them as big slabs of wood that sway inward or outward to open. It was exciting to try getting into it, as you had to time it since it only spins one way and you had to let other people pass through it too. Once you get your foot in, for a few seconds you feel encapsulated until you emerge out of it.

A revolving door does not merely consist of four panels spinning on an axis. Its mechanism makes an effective seal to a building’s opening. This means that it does not let air in or out that easily. This makes air-conditioned interiors stay cooler. It is something you can think of the next time you see one.

Accordion Door

You may be familiar with the accordion as a musical instrument. Its prominent feature is having bellows that you can squeeze or expand by way of the folds in its body. These folds are the inspiration for accordion doors, and they are made to save or optimize space.

The accordion door has a very simple mechanism. The main panel is split into foldable segments. When stretched out, it would look flat and this would also be the close position. At the end of every other segment, you have a peg that is attached to a rail that holds everything in place. When you push the panel aside, the pegs roll along, and this makes the whole thing fold unto itself.

Door Closer

For those who have rough hands or just plain forgetful, you will love the door closer. This is a contraption that is usually attached to the top of the door. It is something that is self-explanatory. It closes doors, and there is nothing more to it. The interesting part is how it does it, and this can be done with the power of hydraulics. This mechanism employs spring and a chamber filled with fluid. The spring contracts when you open the door and expands to push it until it is closed.

Compared to the wheel, doors have better chances of producing innovation. It can be fused with electronic or mechanical gadgetry, and that will make people stand up and use it differently. But one thing will never change, and that is the purpose of maintaining the security or privacy of any room or building it is in.

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