Modern Bathrooms Are Nice, But Have You Ever Considered Traditional Elegance?

traditional bathroom

Home improvement projects and makeovers are happening everywhere, and it seems this trend is showing no signs of stopping given how hot the real estate market has become as of recent and people’s growing interest in the renovation craft. In fact, you might even be pleasantly surprised to find out that one friend of yours who usually wouldn’t care about aesthetics to be drawing up blueprints for their in-home gym design and thinking about repainting their kitchen space.

In addition to this, the one room that’s been getting the most attention is the bathroom, and for a good reason too, because most showers and vanities in existing homes are in desperate need of an upgrade. However, if there’s one concern we have with everybody’s plans and approach to a bathroom makeover, it’s the fact that everybody’s going modern and minimalist, with nobody trying anything else!

Modern Designs Are Great, But They’re Also Everywhere!

Look, it’s not that we have anything against modern designs; we’re actually a big fan of the aesthetic because they’re easy on the eyes, super functional, and you can never go wrong with them. But, if everybody’s doing it and the same look has been rehashed several times over for all the other homes in your neighborhood, the novelty of using the said design is lost, and the touch of uniqueness just vanishes. And so, we strongly encourage you to try going for a timeless classic instead with traditional elegance in mind.

  • Traditional And Victorian Never Go Out Of Style: Firstly, one of the most noteworthy advantages of going traditional and victorian is that these designs just never go out of style and will always have a special place in everyone’s hearts. Sure, it might not be the best alternative if your home is dominantly modern and minimalist, but the fact remains that the niche is still as strong as ever today.
  • More Storage Focused Furniture And Vanities: Secondly, while modern designs are all about open spaces and ergonomics, traditional elegance places a heavier emphasis on better storage, organization, and overall utility. So, if you’re the type that loves to keep plenty of things inside your bathroom cupboards and drawers, a traditional design will suit you far better than the minimalist approaches that adopt the “less is more” mindset.
  • Natural Materials Offer Better Charm: Last but not least; nothing comes close to the charm of natural materials like granite, marble, and quality hardwood, all of which are staples in any traditional design. Plus, with responsible maintenance and upkeep, these don’t actually require as much effort as people make them out to be and are super durable in most use cases.

modern bathroom

Remember, The Beauty Is In The Details

Every design and aesthetic draws inspiration from a single centerpiece, with some rooms focusing on the general warmth and vibe, or others like this dining area that takes inspiration from the building’s exterior. And when it comes to traditional elegance, the beauty is found within the little details, and all the awe is offered up to those with the keen eye to spot and appreciate the craftsmanship behind them.

  • Crown Moldings And Custom Carved Designs: If you want to introduce more traditional elegance in your bathroom, an excellent way to go about it is by adding crown moldings onto the walls and contracting for custom carved designs on your vanities. Plus, these also help hide imperfections and blemishes on the edges of your walls, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the bathroom and making it feel like royalty.
  • A Touch Of Upholstery Here And There: For those fond of putting on makeup and spending extra few minutes on grooming after a nice long bath, we strongly recommend adding a touch of upholstery like an upholstered chair which will anchor together all the bathroom vanities. In addition to this, you can also go a bit more contrasting with your colors and patterns, such as matching a soft pink to complement your pale greens.
  • Traditional Tile Treatments: One way of embracing the traditional aesthetic is by dabbling in the vintage aspect of it all with traditional tile treatments and very detailed patterns to create a sophisticated bathroom space. These makeover options add authentic character and help the room come alive with its warm and inviting appeal, not to mention the overall aura of luxury.

Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New.

In conclusion, we think that there’s a lot we can learn from when trying something new, and that goes double for a bathroom makeover when you stray away from the crowd of modern and minimalist designs. And if you ever plan to sell your home down the line, your niche look will be a highlight feature any professional listing realtor can help make your house sell faster and better.

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