More Than A Room With A View: What People Really Look For in a House

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Buying a house is one of the many life accomplishments that tops nearly most people’s bucket list. Whether you prefer a modern loft or a cozy country bungalow, most individuals would hope to find a home that ‘feels’ like it was made for them and their families. But looking for your ‘dream home’ includes deciding on different features and amenities since you’ll likely be staying in the house for a while.

That said, here are six of the features and amenities people are actually looking for when buying a house.

Natural Light and Air

Natural light and air are crucial elements to consider when looking for the perfect home. All-natural light plays a huge role in comfort, health, and optimal mood for people, depending on where you are. Adding natural lighting among standard LED ceiling panel lighting can add more value to any home, giving you monetary and satisfactory benefits in one property.

Meanwhile, natural air is crucial to any home as it ensures the occupants of the house are getting fresh air whenever. That’s why make sure the home has a proper ventilation system alongside a generous amount of windows that provide natural air circulating throughout the house.

Secure Area, A Quiet Community

Keep in mind that the home you’re buying doesn’t exist in a bubble, and it’s likely part of a larger community you’ll be living on every day. That’s why you must find a community that suits your specific needs and preferences before investing in a home. You can do this by doing a survey across the property and immediate neighborhood—and spend some time getting to know the neighbors.

Doing all those allows you to find a property within a decent community, enabling you to get the most out of your investment.

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Get to know the neighborhood and see if you can get proper privacy in the house. Firstly, see if the property has some form of barricade such as fences or actual walls. These would be more than enough to deter nosy individuals. The house is surrounded by greenery, including tall trees and shrubs is also ideal.

Accessible to Schools, Hospitals, Groceries, and Other Amenities

It’s no secret that one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a home is the location. So, when you’re going house hunting, take note of any potential house’s proximity to several areas, including schools, hospitals, and supermarkets. Doing this saves you from the time of going around the area and wasting your mind. In fact, according to research, properties closer to downtown areas brimming with shops, schools, and hospitals fare better in terms of resale value thanks to their convenient location.

Additionally, if you have children or are planning to have one or two in the future, see the school’s quality near the house. Even if you don’t have a kid and don’t plan on having one, being in a location with a top-quality school around can increase your home’s resale value.

Enough Space for Kids and Pets

A secret to finding the perfect ‘dream home’ for you and your family involves figuring out how much space you and your need for your kids and pets. After all, purchasing a house that’s too small for your family will likely leave you constantly configuring the space to make it work for you, which can be expensive and lengthy. Meanwhile, buying a house that’s too big allows you to spread out but wrack up high costs.

So, when buying a home, think about the current space you have and see how it feels. Do you have enough rooms for your kids? And is there enough storage space for your pets’ things? Additionally, you need to consider your plans for the future. For instance, if you’re considering making an addition to your family sometime soon or adopting a new cat, plan for extra room.

A Garden or a Backyard

Most homes with gardens and yards are a good investment. So, besides providing several immediate perks to the property owner, it also offers long-term benefits. For instance, constructing permanent landscapes, like a patio or outdoor cooking area, you’re building beauty that’ll last for a long time. Plus, if you’re considering selling the house down the line, then a yard or garden can increase its value over time—helping you get the most out of your money.

When it comes to purchasing a house, especially for the first time, buyers need to consider several features and amenities—and those mentioned are some of the many factors modern homeowners are looking for in a house.


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