New Skills to Acquire to Thrive in the New Normal

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Restrictions all over the world are beginning to lift. After spending months inside the house since March, people can’t wait to get out and start living this “new normal” we’ve been hearing a lot about. What does it mean for us, though? How will this new normal change the way we fit into industries?

The new normal is a new way of living—face masks, social distancing, and personal hygiene are on focus—until a vaccine is developed to fight the spread of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the Covid-19. It’s a new world order where people need to follow strict protocols on health, security, and even hygiene. But along with this is a slew of job opportunities that have never been as important as they are today.

It would do people well to educate themselves about these various skills the industries need in the new normal. There are three things you must remember about the new normal: digital, sanitation, and creativity. Now more than ever, businesses are looking for people who can think out of the box, are digital tech-savvy, and understand the importance of a well-sanitized workplace. That last item looked like it doesn’t fit, but it’s actually the most important component of every business right now.


Think about the last time the world has been this obsessed about keeping surfaces clean, misting public places, and sanitizing their homes. Never, right? Industries and households are more concerned about the sanitation of their premises more than what they’re marketing on social media. The sanitation of a facility has become so important that for many companies, it is part of their marketing strategy. Showing potential clients that they sanitize the office or store builds up their reputation.

This means that there are a lot of new jobs and careers in the health and safety industry. Establishments have been calling air vent cleaning companies to ensure the proper air circulation indoors. This, according to experts, can prevent the spread of the virus. The SARS-CoV-2 thrives in damp and dark places with poor ventilation.


man working from homeAfter the government restricted movements earlier this year, a lot of businesses have to close and move their operations online. This means an influx of online stores starts to pop on the world wide web. Can you imagine the massive competition there is now for the same market? One of the most important skills you can learn to survive in the new norm is digital, content, and social media marketing. These are the core competencies of surviving the impact of the pandemic on businesses.

Tech skills have always been important, but has it ever been as vital as it is today in the survival of industries. Without technology, there would be no online stores, delivery systems, and online classes. None of these industries will have made it through something like the coronavirus pandemic.

That is why even in its midst, you should hone skills related to technology. A survey said that more than 58% of the respondents fear losing their jobs because they lack training and skills. Employers are also looking for tech-savvier workers than the ones they have before.


This falls under what is considered soft skills, but it is nonetheless important. What this refers to is your ability to think outside the box? Isn’t that what drove industries during the height of the outbreak? For restaurants, some geniuses thought it would be nice to sell their frozen goods as cook-it-yourself kits.

It worked. People who were virtually stuck at home needed to do something to take their minds off the pandemic. So, they cooked. It helped that they have access to frozen goods from their favorite restaurants. It is exactly this kind of innovativeness and out-of-the-box thinking that helped a lot of industries survived. Even the delivery and ride-sharing industries made changes in their services to survive the pandemic.

Competition is tougher now across all industries because consumers have fewer resources. In the United States alone, millions of Americans lost their jobs because of the pandemic. Retail consumption is lower than expected for this year, pushing businesses to offer some of the biggest discounts in the history of consumerism.

While the new normal brings with it a lot of unfamiliar things, it also opened the doors for opportunities befitting the millennia. The need to upgrade the workforce’s skills has been a long time coming, after all. With the turn of this new decade that’s marked by uncertainties, one thing remains: the importance of upskilling to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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