Pandemic Staycation Ideas for 2021

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The word ‘vacation‘ was like a foreign word last year. We were all curled up in our homes, waiting for this pandemic to end. But as the months pass by, we became aware that this pandemic might last longer than we expected. We must adjust to the new normal and embrace the limited things we can do in our homes.

With all the stress and frustration filed up, one needs a vacation. Although it is not necessary, vacations are great for your well-being. Even at a time like this, you deserve to rest and relax your mind. But because your space is limited to your home and nearby places, you can only plan a vacation in those areas. In short, a staycation.

If you’re still not aware of what a staycation is, it’s when you stay home or in a place just near your home and do fun activities that you usually do during vacations. Only this time, your location is limited to your home and hometown.

Here are fun activities you can do on a pandemic staycation:

1. Explore Your Hometown

It might sound strange, but most people are not aware of some areas of their hometown. It’s not like you should be aware of every area, but it’s one thing you can do during this pandemic. Exploring your hometown helps you get to know the place better, and you might even discover places that interest you.

You can explore the small coffee shop down the block or the flower garden near your hometown’s local facilities. You can ride on a bike down the neighborhood and explore the small businesses you were too busy to visit before. Exploring your hometown is one way to get to know your neighbors, the community, and local businesses.

Local businesses are authentic, and you can even buy a souvenir to display in your home. It feels like you are actually on vacation by doing this.

2. Spend Time in Your Backyard

Your backyard is one place in your home with lots of memories. It is probably where you first ran when you were a kid, and it was your campsite with your friends. Spending time in your backyard lets you remember all those lovely times and make new ones. You can start a small garden or read a book on your patio.

You don’t have to worry about the scorching heat during summer since you can always install commercial sun shades to protect you from the sun. It can make your relaxation perfect and comfortable. There are many other activities to do in your backyard, such as having a barbecue party with your friends and family. You can also enjoy a pool party or play board games on the patio. Just make sure to follow physical distancing and safety measures to avoid a COVID-19 spread among your group.

3. Cooking & Movie Night

Restaurants during the pandemic accept a limited number of customers. You need to book a seat if you want to be accommodated at your preferred time. The solution for this is to have a cooking party at your home. Parties are not allowed in the pandemic, but as long as you adhere to the regulations of minimum people in your guest list, you are in the safe zone.

Hosting a cooking party is a great way to get your friends and family together and enjoy the food you made. After the cooking party, you can watch a movie in your living or entertainment area. Having a movie night is another way for you and your family to spend more time together. Movie nights can be dull to some, but if you chose the right film and the right mood, you could have the best movie night of your life (at least during this pandemic).

4. Visit the Spa

Since you are taking a staycation, visiting the spa can complete your day. You need something that will relax your body and cleanse your skin. Visiting the spa also increases your body’s blood circulation and allows you to be re-energized. After all those workloads and stress during the pandemic, a day at the spa can reinvigorate you.

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5. Exercise

You can finish off your staycation with some exercise. Besides visiting the spa, doing some exercise can help you relieve the stress stored up in your body and improve your health. Having a low immune system is the last thing you need during this pandemic. Exercising can help you strengthen your body and relieve stress at the same time.

You can start by doing yoga on your patio to stretch and strengthen your muscles. Doing yoga also helps with your psychological well-being. It helps you practice staying calm and composed during stressful situations. The next exercise you can do is a hike. Taking a hike around your neighborhood is considered an exercise, and you can do this every day.

These ideas for your staycation can help you relax and enjoy your time even in your home and hometown. You must also remember that the most important part of a vacation is to have fun and make memories.

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