Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

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Despite a recent surge in cases, many states across the country lifted restrictions on gatherings, mask-wearing, and travel. This allowed many people to go out of their homes and take their much-needed vacation after spending a good part of the last year at home.

While some people considered traveling abroad, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised people to get fully vaccinated before traveling to another country. But if you are still wary about sitting in an enclosed space for a couple of hours with people you do not know, you can still travel, albeit in your car.

Instead of riding off to a foreign destination, you can take a road trip and visit places you haven’t visited before in the country. All you need is your car, food and drinks, and a lot of gas. So, maybe it’s time to prepare your car for an ultimate road trip across the country. Here are the things you need to do to make sure the car is ready for the journey.

Check the Tires

You should make sure that the tires are inflated properly and the treads are not worn out. When you go on a long-distance road trip, these are among the things you need to check with your tires. If you have low tire treads, your tires can get punctured easily. And if the tires have inadequate inflation, it can shorten their lifespan.

Low tire pressure can also cause the tires to blow out. And you wouldn’t want to experience a blowout in the middle of your road trip. While on the road trip, you should also stop by a gas station to have the tires checked. Check the tire pressure checked every 1,000 miles, especially if the car is full.

Check the Brakes

Checking the breaks of your car is also another important thing to do before your go on a road trip. You should not forego having a professional inspect the brake pads and rotors. These are among the most important components of the brake system, and they are among the first to wear out due to constant use.

You should also have the brake fluid flushed if it already has a cloudy appearance. After flushing it, you should replace the brake fluid. If necessary, you should consider hiring a professional to work on the Toyota or Subaru brake replacement depending on the brand of your car. Replacing the brakes if they are faulty to avoid major accidents when you are already on the road.

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Check the Car Fluids

You should also check the engine oil levels. Engine oil provides lubrication to the moving parts of the engine. If the oil is old or the level is low, you’ll likely experience a breakdown in the middle of the road trip. If you are unsure about the grade of the oil for your car, you can check the owner’s manual. You can also bring the car to a mechanic to check everything.

Checking the transmission fluid is also essential since it ensures that the steering system components move without any issues. Unlike the engine oil, the transmission fluid only needs changing after around 100,000 miles.

You should also check the car’s coolant levels if you want to keep the engine from overheating while you’re stuck in traffic. Engine coolant is not ordinary water since you need a specific mixture of antifreeze and de-ionized water. You can have this checked by a mechanic along with the other fluids in the car.

Check the Lights

You should also check the car’s lights to ensure you will not have any issues when you travel at night. It also allows you to avoid a ticket in case an officer pulls you over. Replacing a light bulb is much better than going through the hassle of getting pulled over and paying a fine.

Check the Fuel

You should also make sure you have fuel for the road trip. So, the night before you leave, you should check if you have enough fuel to get you to the next town or city. But you can always pass by a gas station and have the fuel tank topped. While it may be a damper to drop by a gas station at the start of the road trip, it’s much better compared to running out of gas in the middle of a lonely highway with no gas station in sight. Besides, you may have something to buy at the gas station that you weren’t able to prepare the night before.

A road trip is a better option for you to stay safe and avoid the virus, especially if you travel with people who live in the same household.

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