Earth’s Atmosphere: The Recent Effects of Climate Change

climate change

Life on Earth has been abundant. However, as technology continues to rise, its effects on the Earth’s atmosphere have been massive as well. There are recent changes in the Earth’s lower atmosphere that even affect a plane’s flight. Nonetheless, it is not only a plane’s concern but everyone’s. All living organisms will feel the effects sooner or later.

What’s New to the Earth’s Atmosphere?

Recent studies show that the Earth’s atmospheric structure is changing. It involves the rise of the troposphere from sea level. At this point, a factor that affects this movement is climate change. Humans’ actions have something to do with all of these. That is why humans must also take action to save it.

As more heat gets trapped in the atmosphere, the tropopause rises even higher than before. However, climate change is no longer the reason alone why this happens. The layer above the troposphere, the stratosphere, is also shrinking. Its leading cause is the release of ozone-depleting gases.

As of the moment, the concrete effect of this change is the plane’s forced flight in a higher atmosphere. It has to do that to avoid turbulence and a safer flight. As you can see, the effects of climate change and greenhouse gases are slowly showing. For this reason, people have to take action while it’s still possible.

How Can You Save the Atmosphere?

You can take part in saving the Earth’s atmosphere. Keep in mind that you will benefit from it, too. For this reason, it is best to do the following with all your might:

Live Energy-wise

solar panel

Make your home energy-efficient. You can opt for solar photovoltaic installation services to help you generate your own electricity. Aside from that, it can help you save money as well. It will also help to reduce energy consumption, such as opening windows instead of using A/C units. A programmable thermostat or insulation is also an excellent option to manage your home’s temperature.

Schedule Transport Options

It is best to change your means of transport once in a while. Do not focus on using your car alone. In this case, you can help reduce greenhouse gases by walking or biking if you’ll go to nearby places. You can also take public transits instead of driving your car. These simple ways can already make a difference to the present condition of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This solution has been existing for so long already. It only needs proper execution. Besides, the practice of 3Rs is not difficult to put into practice. It only requires discipline to achieve better results. Aside from that, this method is essential, but it brings significant effects in saving the atmosphere.

Eat Sustainable Food

Choosing food from farmers can have the slightest impact on the land. However, even this action can make a huge difference. You can also try growing your fruits and vegetables at home. In this case, you are both helping the land and keeping yourself healthy at the same time.

Plant Trees

Trees are not for shade only but also play a vital role in cleaning the air you breathe. Without them, pollution will be all over the world. In this case, planting trees are essential to help store carbon that can damage the Earth’s atmosphere. Having trees around will be beneficial for everybody.

Give Up Plastic

It’s tough to let go of plastic fully, but you can do it little by little. One of the options you can do to give up plastic is using reusable bags when buying groceries. Given this point, you can already help decrease plastic wastes. The reduction of plastic waste can save Earth in so many ways.

In general, these simple actions can significantly impact saving the Earth’s atmosphere. It is best to act sooner than end up losing everything. Aside from that, it will also help if you will educate the younger generation about this. This way, they can also do their part even at a young age.

Furthermore, it is best to instill this discipline, which they can apply throughout their life’s journey. Education is vital to make more people care for the Earth’s overall condition. No one else but humans is in charge of making that happen. Therefore, humans have to act now before it’s too late.

Besides, human activities are one of the leading causes of the Earth’s condition worsening. It is best to strengthen methods to turn this situation around in favor of this planet. In effect, people can save Earth and continue to live in abundance from the Earth’s various resources.

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