Rental Property Upgrades that Will Attract Tenants

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As a landlord, you don’t want your property to stay idle. But tenants are choosy about rental properties. They want to get the best value for their money. To attract them, you need to upgrade your property. Here are some recommended upgrades that will be sure to catch the eye of potential home seekers.

Change the Lights

People like it when they have great lighting in their homes. Improving the natural light in your property will require you to change the windows. Installing larger windows or changing the glass in them to allow more light in can be a simple change that will brighten up the rooms of your rental home. You should also upgrade the artificial lighting so that night can be as bright as daytime. Work with an electrician to set up a new lighting arrangement. Ensure that there are no dark spots and use LED lights. Your potential tenants will appreciate the upgrade and increased energy efficiency.

Clean up the Floors

Good flooring can be a great way to attract potential tenants. It can be a big investment though. But it can be worth it. When someone drops by to look up the place, you want rooms that will be impressive. If you have bad carpeting or dingy floors, the rooms you rent out will look like a mess.

A simple upgrade for your floors can change a lot. With wooden floors, you can have an easier time cleaning. Besides that, carpeting can become the home of various allergens. If your prospective renter is sensitive, they will prefer hardwood floors that are easy to clean and that they are not allergic to. Besides that, wooden floors are better in the long term. If they ever get worn out, a simple refinish will get them back into pristine condition. You will be saving money in the long run with this change.

Upgrade the Appliances

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Another way to attract tenants is by offering them great perks. One of these is by throwing in some appliances as part of the rent agreement. New graduates usually have nothing to their name, so they will be moving in with the clothes on their backs. They will be looking to save money so offering a fully-furnished room that they can rent. The additional furnishings are often enough to convince them to pay a higher rent.

But they won’t accept just any basic appliances. You will want to ensure that you have working ones that are not more than a few years old. This ensures that the appliances have all the latest features. This can make things easier for your tenants. Don’t go overboard in buying them though. Mid-range or even budget models will be good enough as long as they are in good repair.

Install Water-saving Features

Any home consumes a lot of water. A family consumes thousands of gallons a year, while a single tenant can still go through hundreds. For a renter looking to save on their expenses, saving on the water can be an attractive advantage. For this to happen, you only need to install low-flow water fixtures. This can range from toilets to faucets. Changing these out can save the tenant thousands of gallons of water.

Besides the effect of saving water, it also minimizes leaks and moisture. Mold and mildew are a significant health threat. Both of these are nasty allergens, and their main cause is excessive water in the environment. Low-flow water fixtures can also minimize water damage to your rental property. Instead of paying thousands of dollars in repairs, you can reduce it to a few hundred dollars.

Add Some Security

Another attractive upgrade to your property would be to ensure that a place is more secure. While most places would have basic locks, you’ll want to add something more. If your rental property is a building, then adding a few CCTV cameras and security guards can be worth it. This ensures that the property is secure and that your tenants know it. Other security upgrades include adding deadbolts and chains to your doors. Your tenants will appreciate the added security this can add. People don’t like thievery and this can be the advantage that convinces them to choose your property to rent.

Making your property attractive to tenants can be expensive. But you should think of it as an investment. With the right upgrades, you can attract a better type of renter, and you have a good reason for raising your rent. In the long run, these improvements will pay for themselves.

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