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As a collective effort to arrest the spread of the COVID-19 virus, more and more businesses are shifting to remote work. Many people have taken it upon themselves to start their businesses from home. A survey shows that more than two-thirds of the respondents believe they are more productive when working from home than on-site.

What follows in this article are ideas on what you will need to start your own home office, how to get the most of the space you have, and a couple of business ideas for those who are making the shift to becoming their boss.

The Right Equipment for a Home Office

Many consider getting the right equipment integral in working, and with good reason. Great equipment can keep you productive throughout the day and minimize body aches. Here are a few pieces you need for your home office:

  • Invest in a Good Chair: A good office chair is one you can call sturdy and comfortable. Do not hesitate to spend a little more on this piece of furniture as your work chair can make a difference in your productivity. It will be easier to concentrate your brain energy on work rather than have to toil through a chair that hurts your bottom or your back.
  • Consider Getting a Second Monitor: You can improve your productivity with an additional screen. A second monitor makes switching between tasks or programs more convenient, saving up on work time. Multi-tasking comes easier with multiple computer monitors.
  • A Standing Desk: If you have the space for it, consider fitting your home office space with a standing desk. It can be a stand-alone table or a fixture built as a nook. Research has it that sitting for long hours can be unhealthy. Alternate between typical desk work and using a standing desk at intervals.
  • Go Ergonomic: Set up your work equipment and furniture in such a way that allows you to work with your neck and back straight while your arms are kept parallel to the ground. Ensure that your monitors are at a comfortable eye level. You should not position yourself in slumping or odd angles while you work. Ensuring this minimizes the strain on your body.

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Setting Up Your Home Office

After settling your equipment comes setting up your office. You can do these after you get your equipment, but it might be wise to cross these off your checklist first:

  • Internet: Positioning your wireless router (if what you have is WiFi) at a high level and in the middle of the entire house facilitates signal strength. Make sure your router is unencumbered by clutter, and keep it as far away as possible from devices that emit signals, such as TVs, microwaves, or where you normally store your phones.
  • Choose a Conducive Location: When deciding where to set up your home office, consider factors such as noise, accessibility, and required storage. Will the work you do require you to be dialing in to conferences all day? Will clients be coming and going? Will you have plenty of files or products that require storage? Choose a room in the house that has effective temperature control, healthy ventilation, and ideally plenty of natural light. There’s a study about natural light positively impacting productivity.
  • DEcor. Aesthetically pleasing workspaces positively affect work productivity. Warm color tones and cozy design styles help to render inviting spaces. Places like this encourage productivity, a study reveals. Add personal touches like plants and art pieces. One survey says more than 80% of people surveyed agree that artwork is essential for wellness and a productive work environment.

Home Office Business Ideas

Now that you’ve set up your home office, it’s the perfect time to set up your enterprise. Here are a few home business ideas you can follow:

  • Insurance Agent: Selling insurance can be lucrative. If this is your first try at being an agent for insurance plans, find an insurance provider who provides excellent training or product orientations. Better, too, if they can do the training remotely. Further on, you can do a lot of supplemental studying on your own about insurance marketing ideas to help you land your first valuable clients.
  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most efficient and extensive ways for brands and businesses to reach broader markets. You can start by offering your services to small and medium enterprises that typically outsource this aspect. Suppose you have a web development and design background and are adept with social media platforms or SEO. You can then start up a freelance digital marketing services business.
  • Online Tutoring: The current distance-learning modality has opened up many opportunities for freelance online tutors. You can offer academic tutorial services via video conferencing channels. You can also provide English tutorials to international students or people in business if academics are not your forte. With all the advancements in digital communications technology, location is no longer of consequence in landing clients.

Working from a home office offers a multitude of conveniences over traditional on-site offices. Additionally, you get to customize your workspace as you need and wish. You can dictate the levels of temperature, lighting, and ambiance to your liking without affecting anybody else’s productivity.

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