Parenting Know-how: Surviving a Home Renovation with Kids

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Renovating a house with a big family, particularly with small children, can be a horrifying experience. It would be best if you considered safety, comfort, economic efficiency, and much else simultaneously. However, just because most individuals struggle with remodeling their homes with children present does not mean you have to.

Make sure your children aren’t caught off guard

Letting your children wake up to the sounds of workers, heavy trucks, and noisy construction without first informing them of your renovations is a bad idea. Tell them about the changes that you’re working on to make some adjustments. Get their cooperation so you can finish up with a beautiful new home on time.

Your problems over expenses and debates over home decisions, on the other hand, are not something the kids need to know about, so keep them private. Make sure to enlist the help of experts for the project, and have a look at some fantastic ideas to explore if you’d like to make the most of your living space.

Allow them to engage in the process

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can give your children harmful tools and go around the house drilling on walls. Involving them in the process rotates more on making them feel that they’re part of the reason why you’re improving your home. Before it begins, why not have a farewell party for your old house to make it easier for them to say goodbye to their old rooms?

You may spend a fun day painting on the walls, taking family photos in remodeling areas for a souvenir, or even letting your older children take up a hammer and declare the project open. Another option is to enlist the assistance of your children in the interior design process. You might even be impressed at how many brilliant ideas your children can come up with.

Consider rooms for refurbishment

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Renovating the entire house may be a complete nightmare for small children. Allowing them to run amok around the house, especially in areas where refurbishing is done, will only cause more damage and cost to your space. It might even harm them. So, sacrificing certain rooms is usually preferable to make others appear fantastic, especially if you plan on selling or renting it out in the future.

Take on your bathroom or kitchen, for example, because they provide the highest return on investment and are less likely to be worn down by children. Renovating your property will be more convenient and cost-effective after your kids become older.

Another option is to get professional advice on how to earthquake-proof your house to ensure your family’s safety. Tremors happen approximately 55 times every day, and if you’re located particularly in earthquake-prone areas, it’s best to get an added layer of protection for your home. For instance, secure your big furnishings, such as racks, TV, refrigerators, and cabinets, by drilling them on the walls or using fasteners to hold them in place in case of a quake.

Make your playground the outdoors

There are several methods to foster discovery and sensory play in your home. For example, your private outdoor play space may be just as adventurous and exhilarating as going to a recreational facility by constructing your own sports court in the backyard to bond with your kids later on.

To excite their expanding imaginations, consider an obstacle course that will get youngsters moving or a creative set-up like an outdoor kitchen play area where your daughters can play with their dolls.

Always keep an eye on the situation

Regardless of if you’re doing your own renovations or hiring a contractor to do the job a lot easier, make sure that you constantly look after the children. While the other parent is occupied with the renovation, you may either stay at home and provide some light assistance and design suggestions or venture out with the children.

Moving out is an ideal setting while the renovations are ongoing. However, it’s not feasible for everyone. Therefore, if you chose to remain at home, create a haven zone. Consider adding additional security and privacy lock on the entrances of your home. Moreover, set aside at least one day every week to spend alone with your family.

You can choose to unplug all devices and focus on activities that you enjoy doing together. If all goes according to plan, you’ll all be able to witness your newly renovated home come to life and look forward to starting your future. For everyone involved, it will be more than enjoyable and gratifying.

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