The 3 People You Want to Have When Starting Your Practice


Starting a dental practice can be very lucrative for any practitioner out there. It allows you to have your own clientele and some more freedom with your schedule and ideals. Of course, no practice is complete without the essential staff in your corner. While your priority may be to map out all the equipment needs and budget for operational costs, make sure that you put in some time to find the perfect fit for these roles.


There are several reputable sources to find accountants for dentists, and this is something you’ll want to get done from the beginning. A trustworthy accountant will not only be able to do their duties but help you to find legal ways to lower the overall taxes and expenditures that eat at your funds. Any business needs a good professional who will be able to keep a record of everything from notable expenditures to even minor shifts in income. That helps you stay on track with your management needs and is vital in maintaining compliance with various regulations.

It’s especially crucial to get one if you are currently managing any loans or debts. At the same time, you pay for other recurring bills separated between personal usage and those for your practice. If you have any plans for expansion or the like, you’ll want to have an excellent quantifiable grasp of your finances and its historical data. Even if you’re sticking to one clinic, though, it’s still business aptitude to have your accountant for financial monitoring, handling records, investments, audits, and finding ways to minimize cost and improve income generation.


office administrator

Having an office administrator is a must for any business operation, but this becomes an even more crucial asset when running your own practice. As a medical practitioner, you’ll want to be able to focus all your energy on your main scope of work without having to worry too much about other operational factors. To do so without having a nagging feeling at the back of your mind that things may not be going smoothly on the administrative end, you need to get an admin.

Some people prefer to hire a team with secretarial duties, inventory management, and more handled by different staff members. However, it may be a good form for you to find someone who can carry out these varied tasks independently, especially if you’re starting with a small practice of your own. The essential functions cover appointments, bookkeeping for clinical records, hiring, and managing inventory and upkeep for the space. Having someone come in for all of those things can take a mighty load off your shoulders and allow you to have a smoothly running machine without having to sacrifice some of the energy that you need to reserve for your patients.

Dental Assistant

Of course, while you may have your assistance in those other fields, it’s a no-brainer that you cannot skimp on having assistance for the actual service that you provide. It’s more than merely cleaning your tools and chairs, though those tasks in themselves are important in their own right. The practical contributions are myriad from a good assistant, and this can make every procedure go much smoother than it would solo. From prep and beyond, an assistant improves the efficiency and ease of your consultations.

Following protocols to assist in taking impressions of teeth, taking x-rays, holding instruments during treatment, sterilizing, and engaging with patients in the seat are a must. But one of the most valuable resources you can get from a dental assistant would be the comfort they can provide for would-be patients. Often, they are the first line of interaction during procedures, so they can dictate the level of ease and trust that a patient may develop, especially if they are good communicators and if they can toe the line towards the dentist. With the right attitude and presence, they can help new patients cast away any concerns that may arise from the usual fear of the dentist that people have.

The dental practice continues to grow as an industry, and the market is seeing more firms with large employee bases take up a lot of revenue and attention in shares. If you’re going to keep up a solo practice and penetrate the market, you’ll want to have an excellent team to back you up and help you deliver. Even though a lot of it will also have to do with marketing strategies and networking, having the right people in your corner impacts your success in business, no matter the field.

From this jumping-off point, you can focus on treating patients and fighting the preconceived notion that many have about the dentist being a scary place to visit.

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