Things You Might Have Forgotten to Disinfect

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It’s been months since the spread of the COVID-19 and the implementation of the quarantine restrictions. We’ve been making a recovery from it. Nonessential shops are reopening. Offices are bustling again with lively workers. More people are enjoying the cool autumn breeze in public parks.

By this point, we’re already accustomed to the basics of disinfecting our homes. After all, since there’s more activity outside, we need to be more careful now. We never forgot to wear our masks and gloves. And we always keep a small bottle of alcohol spray in our bags. When we get home, we always make sure to clean the things we touch. We spray disinfectant cleaners on the doorknobs, light switches, and handrails. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that we’ve overlooked a couple of things that should be cleaned all the time.

The Dangers of COVID-19 on Surfaces

Experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained the various ways the COVID-19 may spread. One of the ways is through contact with surfaces contaminated by the virus. Although it’s fairly uncommon to transmit the virus from surfaces, it is still possible. The researchers said that respiratory droplets from people with the virus land on these surfaces. Then people who touch said surfaces before touching their own mouth, eyes, or nose can get infected as well.

But the case may be worse than we thought. Researchers from Australia recently found that the viral particles of the COVID-19 may last for longer than we thought. They concluded that, if undisturbed, the virus stays on surfaces for up to 28 days. The cases vary, depending on the material of the surface. The virus stays for two to three days on banknotes. But on smooth surfaces such as glass, they tend to survive longer.

Although there has been some further debate about the dangers of COVID-19 on surfaces, we can all agree that it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Disinfecting our everyday household items can still help us protect ourselves from the disease. Here are some overlooked items that needed cleaning as well:

1. Drapes, rugs, and carpeted flooring

We often forget to disinfect these household items because we don’t touch them very often. The rugs and carpeted flooring don’t especially need our attention, do they? After all, we just step on them. It’s not like we rub our faces on it. But in any case, it’s still crucial to clean these items. Through our footwear, we might bring the virus into the house and onto the floor. After all, what’s the point of hiring carpet suppliers and installers for your home if they’ve not been properly cleaned anyway?

Vacuuming or keeping your Roomba gliding over the floor around the clock is not enough. You also have to launder items that can be laundered. This way, they’d be washed with disinfectant cleaners.

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2. Gadgets and other electronic devices

Yes, we clean our phones after spending some time outside. At this point, it’s instinctive for us. But what about other gadgets at home that we touch? We also have to clean the remote controls, tablets, keyboards, and other items. Follow the manufacturers’ guidance on how to clean these electronic items. But if the guidance is unavailable, you can resort to using wipes doused with alcohol.

3. Things we use outside

Cleaning our phones and keys is already a common practice for us at this point. But what about the other items that you carry or touch when you’re outside? You must also disinfect your bags from time to time. Put them in the wash, if possible. You must also remember to disinfect your wallet, especially the cards you use for payment. Many cashiers still touch the customers’ cards during business transactions, so it’s important to make sure that they’re cleaned right away.

There are many other items that you must remember to clean. These could be your dog’s leash, your baby’s pram, or even your glasses—everything that you take with you when you go out.

4. Cars

The last item that you must always remember to clean is your car. We might not be as vigilant with it. It’s not like we live in it anyway. But we still use it when we go outside. So if we’re not careful, it may already be contaminated. Make sure to disinfect everything in it: the steering wheel, the console, and the seats. But the most important items that you should always remember to disinfect are the door handles.

Part of the recovery from COVID-19 is settling ourselves into the new normal. These are some practices that we must instill in us so that we will always be safe from the virus.

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