Overcoming Re-Entry Anxiety Over Travelling in a Post-Pandemic World


The pandemic left populations around the world with trauma. The past year has been a source of immense stress and anxiety. Although Australia escaped the worst of it, the strict lockdowns still left an ugly mark on everyone’s mental well-being. It still was tough to live through the pandemic as an Australian.

Eventually, however, things will go back to normal. The United States, which has been among the worst-hit nations, is on its way to achieving herd immunity. The United Kingdom is also doing well with vaccinations. Germany, France, and Italy are also in a much better state than it did in 2020 and earlier this year.

But, some things will never be the same again. COVID-19 exposed just how travel spreads diseases across borders and oceans. The timeline from which a new virus was detected in Wuhan, China until it spread across the world was so short that almost every nation was unprepared to deal with it.

Moreover, planes and, especially, cruises became hot spots for infection. These spaces where multiple people spend hours inside in an enclosed space and in the close distance can transmit various illnesses.

As a result, some people are going to experience anxiety over the thought of traveling again.

Post-Pandemic Anxiety


The pandemic was a cause for anxiety. The fear of getting ill, the fear that someone you love will catch the virus and be seriously ill, of losing your job because of the lockdown, of food insecurity because of the disruption of the global supply chain, and the loss of regular routines were sources of concern. However, now that the end is in sight, post-pandemic life seems daunting. Returning to regular activities is causing anxiety.

Experts have a term for it: “re-entry anxiety.” One of the activities that people will feel anxious about is traveling, especially across countries.

Travel Close and with a Small Group

Traveling is good for your mental health. After a year of being at home and having limits to where you are allowed to go, it would be nice to reconnect with the Earth.

Just like every new experience, to eliminate anxiety, it is better to ease into it. Give yourself the opportunity to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. Jumping into your source of fear will only exacerbate your condition. So, instead, start small and slow.

It will be better to, instead of going on a cruise ship, look into renting yachts. VIP Boat Hire Sydney, for example, is providing luxurious boats for birthdays, overnight stays, corporate and special events, etc. It is far better than going on a cruise because you get to control who gets in. You can invite your closest friends and family for a small and short trip around the Western Pacific Ocean. It will be fun and, most importantly, safe.

Traveling across Australia will also help you get used to traveling without exposing yourself to health risks. While the situation is under control locally, other places in the world, including popular vacation spots are still struggling with the surge. You can also book an Airbnb instead of a hotel room so you never have to deal with a crowded lobby.

Although the trip will be small and short, you will come out of it a little less anxious about going out of the country.

Talk to a Professional

Re-entry anxiety is not always caused by reasons that are realistic. A few of them are also about unfounded fears. No matter how you ease yourself into traveling, the anxiety might not easily go away.

It would help to talk to a professional. A consultation with a mental health professional will help you explore your fears and look at it rationally.

Those who are experiencing anxiety to the point that it has started to interfere with their mental health would benefit from therapy.

Take Safety Precautions

Most importantly, whatever you decide, the best way to reduce anxiety is by being careful. When you follow the advice of public health experts, you are less likely to be exposed and, therefore, you would not worry too much about becoming sick. Wear your mask, use a hand sanitizer, wash your hands frequently, and stay at a safe distance away from others.

The pandemic is still raging. Australia might not reopen its borders to tourists for a while. However, once the crisis is over, life can return to normal. You might need a little adjustment to settle back into how things were, but you will be able to get through it.

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