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Mobile living is a very broad term. It could pertain to people living in a trailer park. It could also mean people who live in manufactured homes — homes that are built in factories and transported to the site where the owners would live. And, of course, it could also mean people who live in vehicles and spend their daily lives on the road, traveling from all over the country. According to Curbed, around 23 percent of mobile home residents are 18 to 29 years old. One of the biggest reasons why people prefer mobile living to live in houses or apartments is cost-effectiveness. It’s simply much, much cheaper to live in a vehicle than to live in a home that’s built on-site.

Because of this, it has become beneficial for car dealers to look into the market of mobile home residents and see how they can deliver their automobile needs. Car dealers start working with automotive marketing agencies to understand consumer behavior and what people look for in a home that’s built for a life on the road. These are the vehicles that car dealers should start selling to people who love to travel all year-round.


First is, of course, an RV. There are many types of RVs. First, there is the Class A to Class C RVs. These are among the more expensive RV options. But they certainly do lead to many benefits. So, as a car dealer, you can highlight these benefits when you sell to potential consumers.

First, many of these RVs offer slide-out sections inside. This way, there would be options for expanding the living quarters. Having a master bedroom suite is also fairly common in these RVs. These are the perfect starter vehicles for those who wish to start mobile living. They certainly are a significant change from actual homes, at least in terms of size. But they also definitely have more room than other vehicles.

Another common option for RVs is towable ones such as travel trailers. They also feature much space, just like Class A to Class RVs. But a huge plus to this RV type is the cost. So if your potential consumers are concerned about space and the cost, then towable RVs are the best for them.



After the RV, the next best type of vehicle that you can offer to those who are interested in mobile living is a van. Yes, it’s much, much smaller than an RV. It doesn’t have the same amenities such as a kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping quarters. But with the right adjustments, people can certainly settle down in them.

When you try selling to them, be sure to guide them on how to transition to living in a van. This would help them warm up to the idea of van living and, if everything goes very well, encourage them to make a purchase. First, they will certainly need to downsize their living. Declutter their material possessions and determine which would go with them to the van, to a storage facility, and to charity or trash. It would certainly be a huge endeavor on their part. But if they’re interested in a minimalist lifestyle, then this would be a good option for them.

There are different types of vans that you can sell to them. But one of the most common is the Volkswagen Type 2 van — also known as the Kombi van or Microbus. It’s the ultimate vehicle for van living.


When it comes to mobile living, an SUV is not the first that would come to mind. As a car dealer, it would certainly be a challenge to sell this type of vehicle to people who are looking to transition to a life on the road. But it’s possible, as long as we have the right vehicle.

One of the best SUVs that we can sell for mobile home residents is the Ford Flex. On the outside, it certainly looks like a regular SUV for a family. But it has many features that would help people feel comfortable living in them. For example, the backseats can be removed so that the area can be turned into a sleeping area. Plus, it has room for a mini-fridge.

Selling this car for mobile living won’t be easy. But those who are really committed to a minimalist lifestyle while living on the road would certainly thrive in this vehicle.

As car dealers trying to sell vehicles for mobile home residents, we can help people get used to the idea of living in a vehicle. They would certainly need to make a lot of adjustments to their living arrangements. But with the right vehicle to fit their needs, it would be much easier.

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