To Pro or Not to Pro: When You Should Hire a Professional for Home Maintenance

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Home maintenance is a necessity, and it can also be quite fun. Lawn care, painting, and pressure washing a deck or driveway can be delightful activities to look forward to over the weekend. These types of tasks don’t really take long and serve a bigger purpose; carrying them out regularly saves you from bigger issues down the road.

A properly cared for lawn and deck can even help you get a higher sale price if you decide to sell your house. The problem is that sometimes, some people will try to convince you to tackle issues that should really be left to a professional. Sure, YouTube videos make home maintenance look easy, but there is a reason that professional plumbing companies have to receive certifications and hire trained workers. There is no reason to attempt a fix that can worsen the issue and increase your repair bill even more. Trust the professionals with what they know best. In the long run, having the professionals take care of the big issue allows you to focus on the fun tasks within your ability. Let the plumber install the low-flow toilet, and you can simply spend a fun afternoon at the store choosing a non-slip silicone bathmat. You and your family are sure to have more fun at the store than figuring out which washers and sealants should be used for the bathroom.

Sit down with your family and make two lists: one for the professionals and one for yourselves. Pick a task for each weekend and have fun looking after your home together. After all, no one knows what will make your home more comfortable and convenient for your family than you.

Update Your Door

Replace an old door with a new one or give a good door that looks old a fresh coat of paint. You will be surprised how much life some paint can give to a nice door.

Consider updating your door with some smart technology as well. A smart lock with a doorbell can make it much easier for you to enter and exit your home. Also, it will take a video of every person who approaches your doorway, making it easier to identify deliverymen and expected visitors. Thus, you can avoid opening the door to unexpected strangers.

If someone rings your smart doorbell while no one is home, it can take a video of the person or send you a notification to your smartphone. You can choose which action to take according to your preference. Also, connect the smart doorbell to a light that illuminates the doorway. This light can automatically switch on when someone enters the doorway and allows the doorbell camera to record a clear video. It will deter any unscrupulous people from approaching you or your family when you’re at the doorway.

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Change Your Ceiling Fan’s Direction

Did you know that you should change your ceiling fan’s direction according to the season? Not many people do! You can change the rotation of your ceiling fans once every six months. This is done to increase energy efficiency and reduce strain on your cooling systems. Running a fan to distribute the heat in winter can also help to ensure that the heat is evenly reaching the whole room.

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan can also better distribute heat or cool air. A clockwise rotation distributes heat more efficiently, and a counterclockwise rotation distributes cool air more evenly.

Clean Your Fans

Ceiling fans, stand fans, and exhaust fans are awkward to clean, so people often overlook them during their big spring cleaning. But these fans are responsible for airflow in situations that can lead them to collect a lot of dust. The dust buildup, especially in exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms, can lead to mold.  Therefore, the fans will become a vector of spreading mold inside your home. Taking the time to wipe down, disinfect, and clean these fans will keep the air quality of your home high and reduce the chances of mold infestation in hard-to-reach places.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning is easier and safer in the warmer months and can save you much grief when winter rolls around. Dirty gutters can trap water that will freeze. Frozen water expands and can crack your gutters or become so heavy that it pulls it away from the wall. You definitely do not want to deal with burst pipes in the cold winter.

Cleaning your gutters is not just about clearing them of debris. You also have to disinfect in case of mold and seal any cracks or leaks. Although you can do it alone, it can be slow work. If you need to put too much effort into cleaning your gutters, you can hire someone to come in and do this for you. The advantage of hiring a professional is that they will check your downspouts and advise you on whether your pipes are in good condition or will give you trouble down the line.

Keeping a well-maintained home is not hard. Many of these tasks may sound tedious, but you only need to do them once or twice a year. That’s not a tough schedule to keep, and you can even use them as a way to teach responsibility and valuable home maintenance lessons to your children.

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