Why Every House Needs an Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen is an excellent addition to any house. It frees up space in your house and makes it easier to host gatherings of any sort. An outdoor kitchen can be as simple or as elegant as you want it to be — from the basic stoves and grills to full-on service-quality kitchens that could rival commercial kitchen equipment like those from Lakeside. Here are some ways you can make your outdoor kitchen stand out.


Most outdoor kitchens will have elevated decking incorporated into its design. Decking serves as a literal boundary between the kitchen and the yard. Non-stick stone tiles are also a good option — they are easier to clean and requires little to no maintenance. However, they rarely match the beauty and warmth of a proper wooden deck. Accidents can happen in a kitchen, so make sure your deck has the necessary waterproofing and fireproofing. If you want to host large gatherings, you should consider building a wider deck. Roofing for your entire deck is optional unless you are hosting more formal gatherings. Most outdoor kitchens will limit roofing to the kitchen itself and maybe a table or two.

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The Kitchen

A single grill doesn’t make an outdoor kitchen. Most outdoor kitchens integrate counters in their designs — allowing more than just the basic grill. While most kitchen counters are fixed, you can opt for a more flexible design by opting for movable counters, carts, and cabinets. There are excellent mobile counters that can give your outdoor kitchen a more classy and professional feel. A mobile kitchen allows you to reconfigure its design to match whatever occasion and makes cleanup easier as well. A stove and an oven should allow you to whip out almost any dish and the usual grill can give less talented cooks something to keep them busy. Add a small refrigerator or a cooler, and you’ll be ready to serve drinks and throw lavish parties.


Your outdoor kitchen can be simple or lavish. You can add different sets of lighting to set the mood of your gatherings — and a few speakers in strategic locations can provide the necessary music and atmosphere. If you plan to host most of your parties at night, consider adding a fire pit to your deck design. A fire pit can provide the necessary lights as well as warmth during cold evenings. A flickering fire also sets a calming and romantic mood that encourages conversation or intimacy. Opt for a gas-burning fire pit — they are safer and easier to use. You can also use colored fire stones or glass to further enhance the mood.

Raise Your Property Value

An outdoor kitchen will raise your home’s property value by almost double the money you put into your kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are still a rarity and most houses with one command higher prices. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your property is a safe bet — whether or not you plan on selling your house in the near future.

An outdoor kitchen frees up space in your home and expands your property. Host lavish parties for your colleagues and peers or quaint gatherings with friends and loved ones — anything is possible with the right kind of kitchen.

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