Why Many Are Hooked with Home Renovations

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These days, many have been able to secure homeownership, thanks to the many available and affordable mortgages. Since one can now buy a house with an enough down payment, a stable income, and a good credit score, they take the opportunity to buy their own home. But even after buying a house that fits their needs and situation, many homeowners can’t seem to get enough of spending more money on their homes. This is even though they already managed to buy a beautiful house with a decent amount of living space.

Why Many Are Obsessed with Giving Their Homes a Makeover

People have varying reasons for doing home renovations. Some do this to make their homes more comfortable and convenient for their needs. Others simply want a more beautiful home to live in. For most homeowners, they want to make sure the home improvement projects they tackle will increase their home value. This is whether or not they plan on selling the house soon. But when does home renovation become an obsession?

Most homeowners obsessed with home renovations started with just a few home improvement projects. Some started by replacing their floors with new flooring, while others first went on renovating a single room in the house. After enjoying the results, some started investing more in home reno. Others who failed to achieve the kind of payoff they wanted simply went on continuously improving their homes.

How TV Shows Are Contributing to the Home Improvement Mania

Media greatly contributed to how homeowners view renovation. Thanks to the many TV shows that focus on fixer-uppers, many have gotten hooked with home renovations. Not only are homeowners devoting countless hours watching successful TV shows such as Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Fixer Upper, and Trading Places.

Even online tutorials on how to do DIY renovations are a big hit. Influencers make it look so easy even if, in reality, there are projects worth leaving to the hands of the professionals. Many are enticed to do home makeovers they don’t need, can’t afford, and can’t DYI.

The Downside of Home Renovation Obsession


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It is true that fixing issues and improving a home’s value and curb appeal are all good reasons to invest in home improvements. The same goes for renovating to ensure the house can still meet your spatial needs. However, this is when home renovation obsession becomes unhealthy.

Is your to-do list bombarded with projects you can no longer take on financially, mentally, and physically? Then it is time to rethink your priorities. Just because you can afford a home improvement project doesn’t mean there is already a need to make it happen. Some homeowners are draining their savings and are finding different ways to pay for renovations. Some are even more than willing to acquire more debts just for the sake of home improvements they don’t necessarily need.

There are many good reasons to invest in home renovation. But like all good things, anything in excess can have negative effects. If there is a need to do a home renovation and you can afford it, then go ahead with your plans. Of course, it pays to know when to DIY and when to ask for the help of the experts to increase the success rate of your project.

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