Why You Should Fix Your Home Before It Ruins Your Career


Do you sometimes feel like the universe is conspiring against you?

Your dream is simple: land a stable job, work hard enough for a promotion, and secure your place in the company so you can have an early retirement. It’s not as extravagant as your friends’ ambitions, and yet it still feels too difficult to achieve. There’s a constant nagging at the back of your mind that an external force is keeping you from the success you deserve.

Well, you might just be correct.

Except this force isn’t your temperamental boss or your inability to wake up on time to catch the 7 A.M. bus. It’s the very house you live in, which currently overflows with unwashed dishes, dirty laundry, and items you can’t even name with all the dust that’s covering them. A messy and displeasing home can cause you to sabotage your career.

Unnecessary Stress

Work is already stressful as it is. You don’t need to amplify it by coming home to chores that are long overdue. Whether you notice it or not, procrastinating your household chores keeps you from resting well at home. The unwashed mug beside your television and the used shirt on your couch are constantly reminding you that work is not yet over.

When you don’t get the rest you need at home, your performance at work inevitably gets affected. You’ll always feel tired, and you’ll stay up late with your colleagues to avoid another confrontation with your chaotic house. The negative impact is overwhelming, and yet the solution is quite simple: spend the weekend cleaning.

Throw away things you don’t need because they’ll only gather dust that you’ll have to sweep over and over. Re-organize your home in a way that makes it easier to clean, especially if you’re short on time for chores. If you’re clever enough to get a job, you’re clever enough to sort out your household mess.

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Avoidable Health Crisis

A disorderly house is not only an eyesore. It’s a major cause for health concern. The dust mites and allergens floating about may be triggering your allergies off-season. The increased humidity and lack of ventilation can also lead to dizziness, shortness of breath, and other serious conditions. It’s unlikely that your company will consider you for promotion if you’re always on sick leave.

The best way to keep your house from becoming a den of germs is to leave them at the door. Purchase an indoor doormat to wipe your shoes with. Such a simple act has a profound impact on the bacteria that multiply in your house. Just consider the many filthy things you stepped on going to and fro work, and you’ll want to leave your shoes by the door altogether.

You’ll also want to make sure your curtains and bedsheets are allergen-proof to save you from needing to change them frequently. Just because you can’t see the dust mites doesn’t mean they’re not there.

Poorly Managed Time

How can you get to work on time if you can’t even find a clean pair of socks? It sounds silly, yes, but it’s a truth many adults face simply because they fail to organize their wardrobe. Time management skills aren’t all about designating tasks within realistic time frames. It’s also about knowing how you can save time. In this case, is by placing your belongings where you’ll easily find them.

Time management is an essential skill at work, especially if you’re eyeing a leadership position. It’s not something that you can practice only in select areas of your life, however. Your behavior at home will inevitably reflect in your professional life.

Discipline isn’t only for meeting deadlines. It’s applicable to self-care, which is the means to guarantee your overall health. When you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy at home, you’re better equipped to be excellent at work.

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