Wood Works: Incorporating Wooden Elements in Your Home

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Wood can give any home a lavish feel to it, and it is a flexible material that you can incorporate in your home. Many people are now adding intricate wooden furnishings to their homes, such as wooden balustrades, to make homes unique and sophisticated, impressing neighbours from all around.

Whether you want your humble abode to look rustic, cozy, sleek, classy, traditional, or “homey,” you can create all these looks using different types of wood. Here are some beautiful ideas on how you can incorporate wooden designs into your home and achieve the look you want.

Bare Wood

You typically need to sand down this type of wood to make it look sleeker and avoid rough edges, making it more beautiful and more manageable to mold into anything you want. However, when working with bare wood, you may want to treat it before using it as it can deteriorate over time. This type of wood is not ideal for building furniture as it can leave splinters.

It’s best to use bare wood for fireplace settings if you want to add a rustic appeal to your home. You can also use it for beams inside your home, giving it a classier look. You can use bare wood functionally or ornamentally, providing your humble abode a timeless “handmade” quality.

Painted Wood with a Lacquer Finish

If you want to use wood as a base material but wish it to be more appealing, it’s best to use painted and lacquered wood to ensure you have the best designs with a gloss finish. These wooden materials have various styles, including modern to simple designs, allowing you to use wood in the most innovative way possible.

You can add unique colours and design accents or keep the natural look of the wood itself, giving you the flexibility to work with. This type of wood is best to incorporate in places where it can be the focal point, including coffee tables, wardrobes, cabinet doors, or even screens used to divide rooms.

Bleached Wood

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While there are several kinds of wood that are light in colour, there’s something about bleached wood that can give you the surreal feeling of being at the beach, offering a unique vibe to your home. If you want to have a marine or tropical look in your home, bleached woods are the best materials to use, as they set off a vibe of being left out in the sun, resembling the styles of quaint beach houses.

It’s best to add bleached wood in light and airy rooms with a few brightly coloured accents. You can also use bleached woods to build tables, shelves, and seating to give a natural and appealing look.

Stained Wood

If you want to use the wood’s natural beauty and texture, it’s best to use stained wood. There are several ways you can stain wood, and you can achieve any style or colour with the right kind of stain. You can stain the wood using a natural hue. If you are adventurous, you can also use wood that’s stained red, purple, green, or blue to add quirkiness to your home. It’s best to use stained wood for your outdoor spaces, including garden furniture, accentuating your plants’ natural colours.

No matter what style you’re looking for, from modern to traditional designs, wood can provide you that. It’s one of the most flexible materials that allow you to build anything you want with sophistication.

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