Working From Home: Setting Up Your Office

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Months after the pandemic started, most of us have adjusted to remote working arrangements. Whether you’re at home or in a rental workspace, we’re sure that most of us developed both good and bad habits in our work routines. Adapting to the new normal is stressful for everyone, so it’s important to cut ourselves some slack every once in a while.

Now that health protocols have eased down, there’s no better time to find new ways to boost our motivation. Perhaps, all it takes is a simple workspace remodeling project to keep your spirits up towards a productive new normal.

Working From Home

As we continue to face a lengthy period of self-isolation, our remote working setup can quickly turn into a den of daunting tasks. Despite the apparent drawbacks of virtual work, such as work-life balance and mental well-being, many still prefer to work from home until the pandemic ends.

Luckily, many ways can help us bring back the excitement to our day-to-day routines. Add spice to your working area by incorporating these work essentials into your home office.

Home Office: The Basics

According to experts, working at the kitchen table and keeping this setup as your main workplace plays a huge role in your performance. Aside from switching spaces from time to time, it could affect your rhythm and take away the fine line that separates the leisure area and the zone dedicated for working. To resolve this concern, having the finest equipment for your work tasks is a smart idea.

Remote Working Must-Haves

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To assist you in overcoming the difficulties of remote work, below is a list of useful items that will make your workspace more suitable for working while also keeping you comfortable, inspired, and productive. There are some pointers, techniques, and possible alternatives if you don’t already have these things.

Here are some items that you need to invest in.

Work Desk and Chair

The physical elements of workplaces, such as desks and chairs, are important must-haves in your home office. Comfort and flexibility are crucial in this situation, particularly because remote working often entails long hours at a desk.

Laptop Stands

A piece of advice that you can commonly get from resident remote workers is to avoid slouching. Understandably, the continuous desire to remain upright might be exhausting. But, sitting up straight will provide you countless benefits.

Aside from gaining energy to work better, maintaining posture will improve your mood. In the long term, it will also aid in the prevention of back pain. A laptop or computer stand can elevate your computer, drawing your body to a more ergonomic position. If you don’t have one, you can use a solid stack of books as an alternative. Nonetheless, the goal is to keep your device at eye level to prevent you from hunching.

External Hard Drive

Many people fail to see the importance of safekeeping their files. So, when uncertainties happen, such as gadgets breaking down or computers getting a virus, retrieving documents can turn into a dreadful task. Having an external hard drive will help prevent these stressful situations.

External hard drives operate at fast rates, making it simple to transfer data over for storage. On the other hand, you can also look for online cloud services. These will allow you to have a website data archive and sync changes in real-time.


Our jobs involve staring at a computer all day. So, why not try arranging your chores and reminders in a notebook instead? If you already have a planner at hand, that’s fantastic. But if not, any notebook is enough, too. You can also try desk notes or sticky pads.

Desk Organizers

Keep your desk clear of clutter by using an organizer to store loose objects such as paper, pencils, and other essentials. Even if you use an existing drawer or keep your things in one part of your room, it will help prevent you from feeling cramped in your home workspace.


If you often deal with a massive influx of papers or take notes, a compact desk light will prevent your eyes from straining—especially if you work at night. You could also try working near a window when the sun is shining. Natural light will improve both your environment and your mood.

Wrapping Up

Suppose it’s your first time to work from home, or you already have experience setting up a workspace in your humble abode. Either way, you’re well aware that facing the daily grind from home is no simple job.

But, with a little tweak and the right equipment, you can work your way towards a stress-free remote work setup.

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