4 Areas that Can Affect Home Value

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Moving to a new home can become an expensive task. Even if you made the proper preparations, there are a few uncontrollable factors in your budget for the event. You can use the sale of your old home to help you with the expenses.

However, you might be getting less than what you expect for the property. The market takes note of a lot of things before providing you with an estimate of the cost for your old home. If you want to increase the price, you have to make a few improvements. You can prioritize these areas to help improve the home value.

Local Neighborhood

There are a lot of things that you can control when trying to increase the value of your home. The most significant factor depends on your local area. People require establishments that provide them with convenience. Malls, convenience stores, offices, and parks are crucial for most homeowners. Your home also needs to have schools and hospitals nearby. Properties in business centers and guarded communities fetch a higher price, even if they are smaller to some houses.

The crime rate can also play a vital role in home value. It is crucial to list down the nearest establishments to your home to help convince real estate agents and buyers that it is a property worth purchasing. You will not be the one to dictate the price. If you can prove that the establishments are accessible enough, there is a possibility that the value of your home will increase. You can come up with an estimated price for yourself to compare it with a real estate agent’s evaluation.

Front Lawn


The estimated price of a home can be disappointing for the owners. Real estate agents need to consider the condition of the property to help sell it to willing buyers. Before you can put up your house for sale, you can make a lot of improvements. One of your priorities for redecoration or renovation should be the front lawn. First impressions last, which means that buyers need to be in awe with the property at first glance.

An unhealthy and unkempt front garden can be an eyesore, which could persuade them to bargain for a lower price. You have to perform maintenance to make the property aesthetically-pleasing. You can hire residential mowers if you cannot free your time to do it yourself. Landscape designs help increase the home value, but you have to make the investment and installation before you consider selling the property. The curb appeal is an essential factor in the pricing of a house, which makes it necessary to prioritize if you want to fetch a higher price.

Household System Condition

You spend a lot of time in your home. All of the property systems, which includes plumbing and electricity, might no longer be in pristine condition. You have to perform maintenance tasks and repairs when you start to encounter issues with them. When you are going to sell the house, make sure that they remain in good condition.

Home inspectors check for signs of problems with the household systems to provide you with an estimated price. If you do not want them to find a lot of issues, you can perform maintenance tasks or make replacements. Covering the problems up will not be a responsible thing to do. It is also crucial to check the walls and roof for leaks. You have to perform a lot of modifications before you can prepare the house for selling. Consider starting a year before you move to a new location.


The age of the house plays a crucial role in determining the value. Older properties have weaker walls and foundations, which might not be appealing in the market. The materials and furniture inside the property can also affect the pricing when it comes to their age.

Settle for a lower price if the house is starting to show that it is old. You can perform renovations and upgrades to help you increase the value, but they can be costly investments. Your house might be well-maintained despite its age. Buyers will be looking for stable properties compared to newer ones that require significant renovations.

Selling your old home can provide you with financial relief when moving to a new property becomes expensive. However, you have to make improvements if you want to increase the price. These factors can provide you with an estimate, but they can also help you determine which ones require renovations.

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