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Today, our world is governed by tech, and no matter where we go, there is bound to be a phone, computer, or any piece of hardware playing an application or running a particular software to keep the world moving. Whether you’re on the train, someone could be playing on their phone to pass the time or even at work where a colleague could be crunching numbers on his Excel spreadsheet.

Technology, software, and all kinds of applications have seamlessly integrated into all our lives, making tasks much more manageable and even granting us more forms of entertainment. But have you ever wondered what skill it took to make all these applications we enjoy?

The answer is coding.

What is Coding?

Essentially, coding refers to the process of writing code for software and applications, but a more suited and broader term would go to computer programming. To make it simple, these refer to the process of building a computer program that will accomplish and perform tasks for you.

And if you want to dig a little deeper, it is the practical application of computer science. This field of study revolves around the theories behind computation, information, algorithm, and all the exciting topics that explain the meaty part of coding.

What Do I Get Out of It?

A big misconception the majority of people make is that coding is a skill exclusive only to coders, computer programmers, software engineers, and the like. When in fact, it is a skill that nearly anyone can pick up and learn plenty of valuable information. So to debunk this myth, let us explore the benefits of learning how to code:

#1 Opens Countless Opportunities

Firstly, coding opens up countless opportunities that you can easily tap into and find a lot of potential in the long-term. Plus, since code exists nearly everywhere, the skill remains useful no matter where you decide to go. And whether you’re a professional, aspiring entrepreneur, or just looking for something new to learn, then you can expect the following:

  • New Careers: Coding is a skill that’s in high demand, and if you’ve yet to choose a career you’re passionate about, then we strongly urge you to experience coding first. If you enjoy it and have a natural gift for problem-solving, your career choices will exponentially increase. Careers include software engineers, web developers, computer systems analysts, computer programmers, and many more.
  • Side Hustle: If you’re not looking into a full-time position, then coding can also function as a great side hustle to make some supplementary income. Many projects require some extra thinking power and hand to work around the clock, and if you’ve got time to kill, this might be the best way to do the deed.
  • Better Team Communication: If your business works in teams and app development plays a crucial role in the business model, then learning a thing or two about coding fundamentals will help you communicate better. A simple understanding can go along way to addressing problems and clearing essential business objectives.

#2 Fun Projects

codes on a monitorSecond, coding isn’t all about work but is also an excellent venue for fun, learning new things, exploring exciting concepts, and ending up with a usable product. Aside from your usual house cleaning or maybe casual gaming, coding lets you try out different fun projects to challenge your brain and see where your creativity lies. And among the following are some neat projects you can try:

  • Develop Your Own App: Ever wanted to design and have your own cool application? Coding lets you do just that and more! Whether using Apple’s Swift platform for a phone app or getting into the nit gritty with python and other languages for a computer program. The possibilities are limitless!
  • Automate Boring Tasks: Perhaps you get pretty bored sending out so many emails in a day, checking documents, or gathering heaps of data in general. Learning how to code can let you automate most of these tedious tasks to your liking! You will never have to spend gruesome hours doing something so trivial because the program you coded can do it all for you!

#3 Makes You Versatile

Last but not least, gaining a new skill, in general, is a smart thing to do and makes you more versatile. Just as you would equip yourself with disposable cleaning cloths, brushes, mops, and gloves to deal with general house cleaning, learning code is an extra addition to your skill set.

Reading it on paper makes you look more professional and gives you extra capabilities that might come in handy in sticky situations. So whether for work purposes or maybe impressing some of your family and friends, coding can be useful!

There’s Nothing to Lose

Overall, coding is a fantastic skill that you will not regret learning. So take our advice and give it a chance because there is absolutely nothing to lose! And, who knows, you might’ve been hiding so much potential!

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