A Crisis Concoction for a Surviving Entrepreneur

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We know how healthy juices are currently trending, especially with the onslaught of the coronavirus. People are now resorting to healthier options to steer clear of getting sick with the virus instead of spending money to get cured. We all know how costly that can be, and we all want to prevent that. The current situation has made the operation more complicated for supplier and buyer dynamics.

At the same time, the demand for fresh produce has now increased, causing manufacturers to hustle more. Food demand is expected to escalate between 58%- 98% by 2050. Agricultural markets are not in the best shape after the lockdown. Meaning, the demand for fresh produce can be difficult to meet, and people’s needs increase.

It is quite ironic how customers desire food, given that the situation has limited manufacturers to produce. The big question now is how you, as a manufacturer, will deliver their wants?

Change is not a bad thing

The produce industry now faces losses of more than $4 million, and the supply chain is disrupted, causing buyers to be devasted. As a manufacturer, you are obligated to search for the best-quality produce even if it means to replace your current supplier.

It does not necessarily mean that their goods are not great, but you are bound to venture into other options with the changing times. Let us say the produce you use for your mango puree has reduced its quality; will you continue using the same product?

Potentially, this would give recognition to you as an exceptional manufacturer. Causing the value of your produce to be more expensive than it was before. Regardless of going the extra mile for the better, these changes will not stick to the mind of your customer unless you also change the appearance of the product.

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Tactics for Your Business

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Making a great first impression is crucial. It takes just a glance, even for just two seconds, for a person to determine whether your product is worth trying. But how can you generate an eye-catching product?

Trust your employees

Employees are more than that. Aside from management, they provide ideas since they are the ones closest to any problem the business is experiencing. It is a wise action to get their insight on this so both you and your employee can create an idea. Working with the people on the front lines is better than hiring an outside consultant.

Feedback is a must

To assemble the ideal product that you wish to sell to your customers, you must have feedback. Feedback promotes the growth of your business. Since it cannot be acquired through close contact like how you usually would, creating a feedback form through social media platforms would be more efficient.

By actively listening to what the customers have to say, you can safely gather ideas on how to change your product’s image with a positive outcome.

Adjusting to the new normal

It not only means to adapt with the times but to improve your skills as well. As a professional, you are required to reconstruct your perspective in business in a more flexible and manageable one. Being a businessperson, you are stereotyped as a selfish individual, which does not apply to everyone, of course. But with these trying times, you must appear to be more approachable and open to new ideas.

It is the right time to upgrade your skills that you have learned through experience. Most of your skills will be put to the test, like problem-solving, your independence, the ability to relate to customer’s wants and needs, and time management. All of this can be nerve-wracking, but in exchange, you get improved qualities that will surely benefit the future.

It is a lot of work

Yes, having to adapt to a completely different work setting can be difficult. But if you follow through with these simple bits of advice, you will be able to handle even worse situations. Keep in mind that as an entrepreneur, you have to be in control of everything. Prioritizing your business’ production will definitely help you survive.

Remember that quality goods come from a good quality producer; that means you. You should be in top condition because you are the one being looked up to by your employees. And when they see you as a capable and responsible owner, the flow will be passed on to your subordinates and into your superbly detailed product. Patience is definitely a virtue.

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