Car Wax Hacks: Keeping Your Car Looking New

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Cars are a necessity that many people overlook until they experience breakdowns. Breakdowns and malfunctions can quickly turn a good day into bad. Taking care of automobiles should not be limited to keeping the engine in good running condition.

Car owners should also be diligent in keeping their ride sleek and clean. Apart from regularly washing, waxing will give your car a longer-lasting sheen. Not many people are a fan of waxing because it is tiring and it takes a lot of time. Do you know that more owners opt for ceramic coating for cars because waxing is the best protection for car paint?

How Wax Benefits Your Car

Aside from keeping cars looking beautifully sleek, waxing provides the following benefits:

  • Protects from corrosive elements and contaminants that can get embedded in the paint
  • Prevents chipping when debris, smog, acid rain, wind, and the sun hit your vehicle paint
  • Fills up scratches and makes it less noticeable
  • Waxing also makes it easier to wash cars. Without wax, impurities and unwanted substances that get stuck in the vehicle are harder to remove.

Keep a Regular Waxing Sched

For your car to benefit from waxing, keep it on a regular schedule. Don’t wait too long for the vehicle to look like it needs to be waxed. Over time, the protective finish that wax provides also fades, and it makes car paint more vulnerable to fading and chipping.

Waxing schedule will also depend on several factors, such as the kind of wax used, how often the vehicle is used, and whether you have a shaded or open parking space.  But ideally, monthly waxing will give the car a fresh-from-the-showroom look that is sure to impress everyone.

car wax

Things to Bear in Mind

For best results, waxing experts share how to keep cars beautifully shiny even after years of use.

  • Waxing in the shade – direct sunlight makes wax dry quicker, and it becomes harder to polish.
  • Wax in small sections – try to complete one section first, instead of applying wax all over. This is to avoid drying up before you can wax the next sections.
  • Wax Thinly – applying more wax does not guarantee that the car will shine better. A thick film of wax will only be harder to buff when it dries off. In some cases, you can add another coat, but allow the first layer to dry completely before applying the next coating.
  • Wax with microfiber –  use microfiber towels to polish the car because they don’t leave lint and are excellent for buffing.

Considering the benefits of waxing for cars, you must make it a habit. Although it will require effort and time, waxing assures you that your vehicle is protected from the elements. Proper waxing schedule and application will also keep cars looking beautifully shiny for a long time.

Keeping your car and well-maintained also means fewer visits to the repair shop a few years down the road. If you keep it clean now, you won’t have to worry about rust or buildup.

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