Splurge or Save: Home Improvements Worth the Spend

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The DIY home improvement movement has given homeowners the confidence to carry out renovations on their own. Doing so gives them a feeling of accomplishment upon completion and it helps them reduce their household expenses. But there are some home improvement projects worth the professional fees. These are those that require technical know-how and professional tools; otherwise, they cost more to fix.

Different Types of Home Improvements

Home improvement projects can often be divided into three categories, namely DIY, urgent, and permanent. Identifying which of the three best applies to your planned project will help you decide on where to splurge and save.


DIY projects are those that are simple to accomplish. These are projects that are doable on your own. Putting on a fresh coat of paint is an example of a DIY project. At most, you will only need to watch tutorial videos to understand how to go about it like a professional.


Urgent projects are those that you consider essential to your home. These can either be accomplished on your own or with the help of a professional. The latter is better for projects, such as roof installation or landscaping. An urgent DIY project can be transforming a storage room into a new bedroom or hobby room.


Permanent projects are those best left to the professionals. These include complete room renovations, a home extension, or flooring installations. Since most of these include structural changes, they require professional expertise.

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Permanent Projects to Splurge On

An urgent project can also be considered a permanent one. Alternatively, a permanent project isn’t always urgent. If you’re still unsure how to classify your planned home improvement, consider the following. These are places you should always splurge on.

Tile Work

Tiling takes professional expertise to be accomplished correctly. Although they come pre-cut, they still need to be customized for corners and edges. Additionally, it’s easy to install them crookedly when you are unfamiliar with the process. Hiring a professional to tackle this project gives you beautifully tiled floors and walls.

Bathroom Fixtures

Save on bathroom fixtures, but splurge on plumbing and installation services. These days, several brands offer high-quality fixtures at affordable prices. In addition to their usability, they often come in designs and styles that are similar to high-end pieces. By saving on these, you can redirect your budget towards professional installation services. This will prevent any leakage from your new faucets or showerheads.

Kitchen Countertops

Much like with tiles, countertops require professional handling. They might be durable and long-lasting, but installing them requires special tools and equipment. This is also a project that will require you to splurge on both the product and service. Granite and marble are two of the most popular materials for countertops because of their hard-wearing properties.

When planning your home improvement projects, determine which of them you can accomplish on your own. Additionally, identify which materials can be bought at affordable prices without compromising on quality and functionality. Doing this allows you to see which projects you will have to splurge on.

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