Different Methods for Making Money as a Writer

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In the past, writing jobs had always been underrated. “There was no money in it,” you would hear people say. But the rise of digital marketing has revolutionized various industries, including general contracting services, telecommunications, and writing. Without high-quality content, it will be difficult to drive more traffic to websites and rank higher on search engines. That’s the reason many companies are on the hunt for professionals who can produce great write-ups. It’s no surprise statistics show that the demands for skilled writers are high these days! Are you a passionate writer who is looking forward to making money out of writing? Here are some ways:

Consider freelancing

This refers to offering services to companies without having to be a full-time employee. This type of job allows you to handle your own time, enabling you to manage multiple projects at a time, so you can accept as many freelance projects as you want. Don’t have experience working as a freelance writer yet? Start by registering on freelancing websites such as UpWork, Simply Hired, Aquent, and Fiverr, then start creating your profile. Thousands of talented individuals with expertise are in it too, so expect the competition to be tough.

Many companies are welcome to data entry applicants, though. It’s important not to wait until employers find you. You should look for opportunities. Check out different job vacancies for copywriting, content writing, and technical writing. Once you’ve found the right company, send your application. After passing the interview and screening, you can start anytime you want, considering that you agree to the company’s terms and conditions. Freelance jobs offer a reasonable rate, so it sure is a good way to increase your cash flow.

Edit a thesis

A dissertation paper may require multiple revisions, making it difficult to proofread. But if you have an eye for details and enjoy reading long books, you might want to give this a try. You need to review the paper as a whole, though, to maintain the flow and outline. You have to be keen on typo errors as well. Yes, many students are willing to pay a lot in exchange for a high-quality edit. Check out these websites that provide dissertation editing services:

  • Scribendi
  • Wordy
  • Editage
  • PaperTrue
  • Enago
  • Wordvice
  • Proofreadingpal
  • EliteEditing

They hire freelancers to cater to thousands of students and professionals worldwide.

Write reviews

Love the concept of trying out different products while getting paid for it? This job is ideal for you! With the proliferation of social media, people have the freedom to give feedback, and testimonials can significantly impact a product’s reputation in the market. Consumers nowadays read reviews first before buying anything. Excellent reviews could mean higher sales conversion. That is why many companies pay bloggers and influencers for reviews. The process involves a company sending you a single item. Later, you have to write and share your experience with the manufacturer, whether positive or negative. Feel free to post it on your social media page, too. You can earn as much as $5 to $10 within an hour. Just be careful with scammers who get away after giving them feedback. Don’t forget to check if the company you will write reviews for has an excellent history of paying writers.

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Try guest blogs

The fact is the more content you produce, the more traffic you drive on your website. It’s no surprise that many companies buy guest blogs. This refers to writing and posting content for someone else. They can give you the keyword then you generate content based on the target site description. You can get paid $50 up to $250 per article. The topics range from digital marketing, financial management, business to travel and leisure. Just look for websites that accept guest posts.

Write a novel

Do you enjoy storytelling? Why not try writing a novel, then? Perhaps, the only drawback of writing a novel is it takes a long time to get completed. As we all know, it’s not like a short blog that you can finish and publish within the day. But if it gets approved, it sure will pay off! Choose your genre and build a plot. And as many renowned authors always say, take it easy on your draft. Write down everything that comes into your mind. Many aspiring writers tend to overthink their next lines, but remember that perfection won’t get anywhere.

Once you’ve finished your first draft, leave it for at least four weeks. Take a break from writing or start a new project. By doing so, you can see it from a different perspective. After re-reading your story, don’t be scared to apply major revisions to make it more interesting. Keep editing until you’re confident that your manuscript will get approved by publishing houses. Who knows? You might be the next best-selling author of HarperCollins or Macmillan.

Generating an income through writing can be challenging the first time. There are failures and stumbling blocks. But with patience and determination, you sure can make it!

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