Simple Home Improvements that Will Make Your Apartment Feel Like a Hotel Suite

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Your environment influences how your day turns out. Without you noticing it, your dimly lit room and sparsely decorated kitchen are draining your vigor daily and leaving you unproductive. The worst part is that you’re working remotely, and this attitude meddles with the important activities in your life.

Now that vacations are out of the question until a vaccine is available, you’re left with only one choice: turn your apartment into your personal hotel suite. When you consider the lasting positive effect a change in the environment will have on your health, all the time, money, and effort, you’ll invest become worthwhile. And if you decide to put it up on Airbnb post-pandemic? You can look forward to a sizeable earning.

General Cleaning Is a Must

If you really think about it, hotel suites aren’t only relaxing because of their aesthetic appeal. It’s mainly because, unlike your apartment, they’re spotless and clutter-free. There’s room enough only for your travel essentials, and you can rest well at night knowing that there’s no mountain of items that needs sorting out in the morning.

Start with your long-overdue general cleaning. It’ll help you feel like you have a clean canvas to work with afterward.

Upgrade the Bathroom

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An aesthetically pleasing and functionally impressive bathroom at home is the peak of all luxuries. Why? Mainly because most homeowners tend to neglect this room the most. When you talk about home improvements, the first things in their minds are the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

It’s a frequently ignored fact that the bathroom is important because that’s where you practice self-care. When it’s not exactly the place you want to linger in a while applying your DIY facial mask, then that’s a sure sign that an upgrade is in order.

The first issues that need addressing are the small inconveniences in your bathroom like the dated tiles, moldy vanity cabinets, and the missing bidet toilet attachment. Bidets have become such an integral part of every bathroom experience that it’s essential to have one if you’re going for the hotel suite vibes.

Are you looking to expand the space? Get rid of your shower curtain and replace it with a glass shower door. Install floating vanities and bring in some plants. Those old bath towels won’t cut it anymore, so splurge in microfibre ones. You’ll be in awe at how such small changes can improve your motivation to practice your nighttime self-care routine.

Throw Away Unnecessary Furniture

Hotel suites are mindful of living space. This refers to the area you’re able to move freely in. Oftentimes, the problem isn’t that your apartment is too small. You have too many things standing in your way.

Get rid of unnecessary furniture, and you’ll immediately feel that there’s more room to move and breathe in.

Time to Make Replacements

Say goodbye to your patterned bedsheets and curtains. The hotel look is mostly comprised of plain fabric, particularly in white. This is because white gives off a feeling of cleanliness. Stick to Egyptian cotton that hits the 300-thread-count mark, as this is the usual hotel standard that lets you enjoy breathable and cool sheets. Top them off with faux wool in a pattern and color of your choice to add that personal touch.

As for the curtains, go for heavy block out ones in neutral shades. This type will provide the most privacy from light and sounds, as well as the dimness to your room that enables good sleep.

Give Yourself a Treat

Living in your dream home is part of the new normal. While the future remains unclear and quarantining continues to be your safest option, give yourself a treat by turning your apartment into a hotel suite. This home improvement will surely leave you feeling more relaxed and content than you’ve ever been all year long.

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