Fall Maintenance for Your Home and Business

Autumn season

Although plenty of things go into maintaining your household or business, regular maintenance of any equipment during the fall is among the most critical to making sure that all will be well when wintertime arrives. The winter can be a challenge for many companies and small business owners, especially when it comes to pipes, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Whether it’s maintaining the chiller buffer tanks in your HVAC or refrigeration system or ensuring the must-dos for your pipes, you need to check the following to make sure you’re ready for the cold weather.

For Your Water Heater

To ensure an efficient operation for the cold times ahead, keep your heater set at 120 F or 48 C, and flush it out to eliminate sediment buildup. Test the valve for pressure release—lift its lever and then watch it snap back in place. It should release a burst of heated water into your drainpipe. Take note that you shouldn’t perform this test if your heater is more than five years old and get a plumber to do the test for you to avoid a leak.

For Your Refrigeration or HVAC System

Once the fall starts, it is the best time to clean and disinfect your chiller. You need to prepare for the time when you don’t need to use the system, and months of storage could lead to bacterial growth if they’re not disinfected. Water could also leave deposits that should be removed before you shut down the system. Then you should decide whether to fill it up with water or leave it to dry during the long months of storage. If you live in an area where the winters are long, it’s best to leave your chiller tanks dry.

For Your Outdoor Hoses and Spigots


Prepare all water hoses and outdoor spigots for hibernation. Turn off all your outdoor spigot valves. Otherwise, your hose could freeze and expand, which in turn could result in connected indoor piping to explode. Drain water from water lines outside as well and check all faucets for leaks and drips. Make sure to cover outdoor spigots, insulate all pipes in unheated spaces of your house, like crawl spaces and your garage, and cover pipes that are susceptible to freezing with heat tape.

For Your Sump Pump and Gutter

Don’t forget to check your sump pump and clean your gutters. Your gutters should be free of debris so that water could efficiently drain as it freezes and then thaws throughout the cold season. It would be best if you had your sump pump and pit checked out, cleaned, and protected before temperatures significantly drop because it might stop functioning when exposed to freezing.

No homeowner or entrepreneur wants to be bothered with costly plumbing disasters, most notably during the cold season. You can keep your business up and running without experiencing a single issue with your pipes and plumbing, but only if you do these things in the fall. Follow these maintenance guidelines to ensure comfortable times at home and satisfying working experience during the cold days ahead.

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